a thousand words

Saturday, July 11, 2009


A Facebook friend posted a note that said she was “looking for her Barack.” I thought it was a nice thing to say, a way of using the First Couple as metaphor for a man of quality. After that, another friend said something similar, that she was inspired to look harder for a suitable mate and not to accept the widely held belief that the pickings were slim and none.

This stuck in my mind. It’s a good thing to finally have a role model who is not a celebrity. We all know that celebrities are not the best role models. Just read the news.

Black women for the most part have always been looking for Barack. They have always wanted a man who is smart, decent, strong and willing to be father and husband without fear. The problem is not women looking for Barrack

The problem is black men are not looking for Michelle.

Many men praise her now but most guys I know would have passed right by Michelle LaVaughn Robinson at a party. For them, she would have been too tall, too educated, too decent, too serious, too powerful and for a few too dark,. Fellas, if this applies, all I can say is you need to get some help, seriously.

So ladies, I encourage you in your search if you feel the First Couple is inspiring then be inspired to reach out. And if you’ve read the story on these two, remember this: "Barack" did not make "Michelle;" she made him.