a thousand words

Friday, May 28, 2010



There’s a time limit for everything. Nine innings of baseball, four quarters of football and I think your music career ends when you use auto-tone.

But for society there’s A Big Clock, a spiritual time-keeper who looks at the passage of humanity and sets limits for the end of all things uncivilized.

Take the race issue. We can never have a real racial dialogue in this country because of our guilt, shame, fear or anger. And because we’re such cowards we use surrogates for race.

Like Obama’s birth certificate. It’s just a nice way to vent your real racial feelings about African Americans without being called a racist. You can say "Hey, I don’t hate black people, I just want him to prove he's a citizen."

Why didn't any of the Birthers join the two cases that were filed before the election? Oh yeah that's right, they thought the white guy was gonna win. But he didn’t and now the President isn’t a respected position, he’s just some civil servant like the guy in the post office. ‘Hey, show me your birth certificate and give me some Black History stamps while you’re at it.”

I get it, a black President makes you feel like you're not better than black people anymore. Go on and say it. Don't be afraid. I'd rather listen to a real card carrying Klansman than the mealy-mouthed cowards who try to use this as a dodge.

The Big Clock Of Humanity is running on all the people who want to hold on to hate, racism and intolerance. It ran on slavery, civil rights, apartheid, disco and a host of other issues people thought would never be resolved.

Our parents dreamed of a world where race didn’t matter. Then we stopped dreaming and worked to make it a reality. And sure people worked against us but we were vigilant and we’ve moved that much closer to a real colorblind society.

Did any of us think it was going to be easy getting there? When did America ever do anything the easy way?

The races are mixing, children are growing up without their parents’ biases and the barriers between us are crumbling. What we are feeling now are the growing pains associated with shedding the last vestiges of our ignorance.

It is going to happen one day people. You can sit in a corner and hate the world. You can go to church and ask God to strike down the people He created, you can watch Fox News, Listen to Rush Limbaugh and seal yourself in a bubble where every white person is Glenn Beck and every black one is Michael Steele but it won’t make a bit of difference.

Humanity always wins.

The Big Clock is running.

Tick tock, muthafuckas.

Tick tock.