a thousand words

Friday, May 28, 2010



“You lie!”

I would have never guessed that these two words would signal the beginning of the end of racism in America but I think they did. The anger and frustration of certain people is erupting as they finally realize that the President is not white and what it ultimately means to this country and the world.

These guys have nothing left. They can’t say he’s dumb; they tried to say he’s subversive and that didn’t work, so now he’s just some Negro undeserving of the respect his office entitles him to. It’s like arguing with someone, getting the best of him and then he yells: “Yo mama!”

The intolerant are on the run and the question is why is it so hard? Why is the hatred and vitriol so deep? Why do these people seem so damned crazy going so far as to suggest that this is no longer America?

Of course, I know the answer to this. Bear with me:

The genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement, murder and oppression of Africans are the two most heinous crimes in American history. This is the sin. At the same time, the notion that there are inferior races suggests that there are superior ones, the former, deserving of atrocity and the latter absolved of them by divine or scientific right. Over time, this notion was ingrained into the collective conscious of white and black America. This is the denial.

Over the years, the sin and denial merged into a poisonous mixture of psychological burden. Whites learned to oppress without guilt and to dismiss without remorse. Blacks and others learned to accept oppression and subservience as fate.

But our inability to accept the atrocities of our troubled past caught up with us. America fought hard to protect its racial class system and suppressed equality and achievement. And so we fell from grace, becoming a failed business competitor and an arrogant military bully. The racial chickens came home to roost-- and they had fangs.

So we again pressed for change and elected a President who didn't look like all of the previous ones. And the intolerant immediately pushed back. They root for him to fail, draw cartoons of him as an assassinated monkey, question his citizenship and patriotism and call him a liar in Congress.

When a virus attacks a body, it disrupts normal functions and tears away at life itself. When the antidote is administered, then the body fights back and the process is ugly. The body writhes in pain, rejecting the illness until it is gone.

The disease of racism is embedded in American life. Why did any of us think that the cure would be quick or painless?

What we are witnessing in the nasty, disrespectful and borderline insane attacks and statements is the sickness of racism being alleviated by the cure of reason and humanity. The diseased are being outed for what they are and they are fighting to keep their delusion of racial inferiority alive.

They will lose. The cure has arrived. The disease will be eradicated. And happily, there will be no deductible or co-pay for the treatment.