a thousand words

Friday, May 28, 2010


Just a quick note on so-called conspiracy theories:

The Founding Fathers were called conspiracy nuts for thinking the Crown had it in for them and used the colonies as a dumping ground for undesirables.

The Abolitionists were called paranoid for thinking the South would institute an economy based on forced labor and then secede from the Union.

The Jews were called foolish for thinking the new German party would come after them when they began by rounding up the gypsies and homosexuals and detaining them.

Japanese Americans were called silly for thinking that Pearl harbor would make their government intern them.

Many conspiracy theorists thought the Gulf of Tonkin incident which started the Vietnam War was a lie and they were right.

We were called crazy for thinking conspiracies were behind the King and Kennedy assassinations until it turned out to be true.

And Americans were called nuts for thinking a President would start two wars based on lies and greed.

I'm a proud conspiracy theorist. I don't believe in Area 51 but I believe my government is overly-influenced by banks who want to keep us all poor, weak and stupid. I don't believe the government wants to put chips in our heads but I know that only three buildings in the history of the world were toppled when hit by planes-- and one wasn't even hit at all.

And I don't think my government plots against me.

I just think it doesn't care about us anymore.

Is that a conspiracy?