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Friday, May 28, 2010

R.I.P. HATER (1997-2009)

JANUARY 20, 2009 - The term “Hater” officially died today. You probably missed it in all the inauguration coverage but the term Hater was killed when it was hit by a car. This vehicle was being driven by intelligence, logic and reason.

Hater was born “Player Hater” referring to someone who criticized or denounced a person who was clever or deceitful in romance. As relationships became disposable, the Player method became accepted as a way to navigate the choppy waters of modern personal affairs. Moreover, it encouraged the notion that any negative action taken in a relationship was unimpeachable to the aggressor, giving rise to the catchy saying; “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

The term then grew in meaning to generally encompass a savvy and aggressive way of dealing with life itself. Anyone who was successful was a player and if you didn’t like it, you were just jealous of your inability to do what he or she was doing.

Thus, the Player Hater was born.

During the Bush era, the term went mainstream, became famous and started going by just one name. Everyone was talking about “Haters” in all walks of life. But the new philosophy did not allow dissent. Any criticism was denounced as hating. Soon, in our society, if anyone was successful, no matter what path they took to it, you had to be with it-- or be hatin’.

So we stood idly by as opportunists, crooks, thieves, poseurs, charlatans and whores stole our way of life and perverted our nobility. They did this largely immune from criticism, shielded by our fear of being labeled.

Intolerance thrived until we were pushed into the void of our lapses. Inside, we saw the shady origins of the term and the destructiveness of its mutation. So we rejected and killed it with our positive force of will.

We now understand that some things are just wrong and the people who do these things deserve our contempt. We also realize that dissent is the product of freedom. Criticism fosters debate, which in turn promotes reason and compromise. And while jealousy and envy are wrong, using their designation as instant punishment to destroy contrary opinion is evidence of weak minds and guilty hearts.

And let’s face it when CNN and Fox News use the term, you know it’s played out.

Therefore, I say so long Hater!

We hardly knew ye.

And I’m dancing on your grave.