a thousand words

Friday, May 28, 2010


There are not many things that can break my heart.

I'm from Detroit and lets face it, we grow 'em tough there. The country is still in deep shit. No one wants to admit that the wars will go on for ever and the Lions are 1 and 7. Still, I was good until this morning.

And then I saw Sammy Sosa.

You remember him, the dark, handsome man who went toe-to-toe with Mark McGuire for the homerun championship, only he did it without steroids. Sammy the humble gentlemen who was soft-spoken and noble as he marched into sports legend.

Well, Sammy's Dominican and I guess they still have a few issues about color down there because Sammy is now a white man. He has bleached his skin with something he calls a "rejuvenation cream." Now, I watched Michael Jackson fade away but it took about seven years for him to do it. Sammy, ever the record-breaker, did it in one.

Here's where I would usually write some witty, comical analogy about the subject then follow it with some thought-provoking statement.

I seem to be all out right now.

My head and my heart are only filled with sadness not just for Sammy, baseball or Dominicans.

I'm sad for the world.