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Friday, May 28, 2010


The Title Of This Note Sounds
Like A Joke But It Isn't.

I hate politics. I’ve been an independent since 1980 and I feel both major parties have sold out the public.

But even I am shocked at the royal ass-kicking handed out to the Democrats yesterday in Massachusetts. Some guy named Scott Brown beat Obama-backed Martha Coakley to win the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, which had been occupied by a Democrat for over fifty years! In their loss, the Dems may have anointed the man who will unify the Republican Party.

The Republicans are celebrating and gloating because you know, that's what they’re best at when they’re not dehumanizing people and perverting religion. And why not? Coakley blew a double digit lead and lost in astounding fashion. Who does she think she is, the San Diego Chargers?

But it is not this race alone that has my lather up. It is the other people the President and the Democrats did not back in other recent elections and political situations.

A man challenged Mike Bloomberg for mayor of New York and lost by only five points and won Brooklyn even though Bloomberg spent $100 million dollars of his own money in the campaign.

His name is William Thompson.

And he is black.

Why didn’t the President or Vice President campaign for Thompson? After all, he’s a Democrat and Bloomberg is a Republican. Thompson is even light-skinned and speaks without a Negro dialect. Could it be because Bloomberg is a billionaire? That would put money over party, ideology and race. Now that's a joke.

More troubling still was the non-support for two other black men by the Democrats: Senator Roland Burris and Governor David Paterson. Burris was asked not to take his seat and Paterson was asked not to run. The reason given to them was that their (white) predecessors were linked to scandal. They each defied the President's wishes and kept their offices.

A black Mayor, Senator and Governor all denied help and even told to hit the road by a black President and a Democratic administration?

Am I dreaming?

Martha Coakley got full White House support then got her ass handed to her by a man who used to be a male model in the one of the most Democratic states in the country.

Somebody help me.

Are the Democrats going to screw this up, too?

Are they really elitist jerks who are out of touch with reality?

Did Obama's condemnation of the Cambridge Police in the Skip Gates arrest come back to haunt him?

If I was still black, Obama's non-support of three black men would enrage me. But since I'm not, it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy, like a nice sweater.

Maybe I don't get it.

Or maybe the wheels are coming off the bus.

Which means the joke is really on us all.