a thousand words

Friday, May 28, 2010


Until yesterday, our congress hadn't passed a significant, society-changing law in about 40 years.

Mostly what Congress had done since the Civil right Act of 1964 is spend money and pass laws eroding basic freedoms. So it's a big deal that national health care was passed, putting us in the same league as Canada, France and Italy. Wow, America is on the move.

But what impressed me most was the molten hatred and vitriol from those opposed to health care. Lets forget for a second the craziness of not wanting to spend money to help others and believing in Death Panels. Lets focus on why in every significant social change race always rears its ugly head.

Well, I happen to know that almost every historic change in this country involved race. So it's not a surprise that congressmen were spit upon and called nigger, faggot and anti-Semitic names because of their support of health care.

After all this time, we're still hanging on to the myths of racial and sexual inferiority because in the age of enlightenment, it's all we have to fight against logic and reason. And everyone knows the globalization of industry, advancement in technology, and shifting of jobs overseas is the fault of inner-city blacks and gays.

Well, I don't mind being called a name if it means we can move on and maybe, just maybe leave a better life for our children.

But if you spit on me, I'll kick your ass.