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Sunday, July 11, 2010


The Venomous Disrespect Displayed Toward The President Is Definitely A
Wake Up Call.

People can be overly sensitive about race. I still don't like being called an enigma. But I have to say that the attitudes of many toward the President have gone too far. And while I know a lot of it is America getting over it's dumbass bigotry, the incessant, ridiculous and nasty commentary has gone too far and shows that it is more than politics as usual.

When Bill Clinton was President, the right wing and its lap dog media fell on him like a ton of bricks. But as bad as that was, it's worse for Obama. A congressman called him a liar in public. He's been portrayed as The Joker, Adolf Hitler, and a monkey, assassinated no less. If he doesn't go to the Gulf he's incompetent. If he goes, he's pandering. He been called naive, inept, dumb and out of his cotton picking mind. A term that as we all know originates from the arduous task of slaves picking cotton in the harsh southern sun.

I have been critical of the President. He gets no free pass from me. He escalated the war, let go of the public option and has moved to appease, Latino Americans, Gay Americans and Rich Wall Street Americans but has not said a word about, you know, African Americans. But the Catch 22 right wing and crazy wing people have put him in is disrespectful and I think un-American. I mean no one has called him the "N" word but they way they are treating him is tantamount to the same thing.

Let this be a wake up call. If a Black President is still treated like a second class citizen then isn't it time to stop waiting for fairness and demand it? Isn't it time to stop hoping for respect and take it?

So in three days, we can all reflect on the American experiment and look back in wonder at the little rag-tag country that dared to offer men and women freedom based on God-given rights. But as we do let us not forget how far we still have to go and the strength and force of will it will take to get us there.

Happy 234th Birthday America.

Now grow up for chrissakes!

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