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Sunday, July 11, 2010


As The Icon Publishes Her Memoir, We Must Ask Ourselves Why Has There Not Been Another?

True Story: I met Pam Grier one day at the Century City mall. I saw her and ambled over to her section because you know, I have always loved ladies handbags. And there she was, Coffy, Friday Foster and then Jackie Brown. Well, she must have men of my generation looking at her with that puppy dog face all the time, because she stepped over, extended her hand and said: "Hi, I'm Pam." I shook her hand, mumbled something like "banana gas tank" and walked off.

This is what it means to be a movie star, people.

If by some chance you don't know who Pam Grier is, then stop reading now and go look her up because there isn't enough space on this page to explain. But you could say she is the Muhammad Ali of Black actresses.

Pam Grier left a filmography that has yet to be equaled by a modern actress of any color. Her roles were not only breakthroughs for blacks but for all women. Long before the action ladies of the 90's and the millennium there was Ms. Grier, packing heat, loaded with sexuality and occasionally, razorblades in her Afro.

More to the point, she was the first black sex symbol of the the post civil rights America. A woman of beauty, strength and conviction who stood for a generation of people of color and women. Pam Grier sacrificed nothing to sex appeal but toppled one stereotype after another and always with style.

We have many good actresses now but why do we not have another A-list actress like Pam, a person who can greenlight a film just by her presence? Well, there are many reasons for this and none I'll go into now because this note is to tell you all about her new book, Foxy: My Life In Three Acts. I'm so glad she wrote it and I just ordered my copy.

On her Facebook page, Pam wondered who would play her in a film. I couldn't think of anyone because Pam is still around, still talented and great looking and still one of a kind.