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Monday, August 23, 2010


Two Global Corporate Titans Have Made Million Dollar Offers To Own The Most Notorious Word In The History Of America.

by Gary Hardwick on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 12:24pm

NEW YORK - Only days after LaSarius Green Jr.'s annouced he owned the word nigger, two business giants and arch rivals have made bids for the controversial word.
Apple Computers and Google Systems have both expressed interest in owning the word that was once awful and taboo but is now just a highly recognized brand.

Steve jobs, Apple CEO said "We here at Apple have long understood how branding is important. This word which has had a long and checkered past can now be a beacon of enlightenment nd freedom for generations to come. It just makes sense Nigger and Apple. It flows from the tongue."
Eric E. Schmidt Google Chairman and CEO is just as adamant. "Google is the brand of the future. We have added our name to the world lexicon. We will take the word nigger and make it a household phenominon. Children will be saying it before they say 'mommy' and it will be a pathway to a great future. We here at Google were once the niggers of the digital worls and look at us now. We know what it's like to have the blues and we want that word and we'll get it!"
Sources report that the offer for the word is somehwre between $25 and $75 million.

LaSarius Green Jr. owner of the word says that he is flattered but has no plans to sell the n-word. "I'm doing fine," says Green. "Hell, I might even buy a shirt."