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Thursday, August 5, 2010


After Being Accused Of Throwing All
The Black Women Off His Dating Show,
The Flamboyant Footballer Finds The
"Ultimate White Woman."

NEW YORK - Ochocinco has finally found love. Chad Johnson who legally changed his name to his player number for the Cincinnati Bengals, proposed marriage to Kauncha Siamee, a model who was born with a rare skin disease that makes her transparent.

Ochocinco popped the question on the streets on Manhattan where he and his girlfriend turned heads and stopped traffic. Siamee's skin is see through so you can see all her organs and bones.

"It was beautiful," said one onlooker. "He dropped to his knee and everything."

"That was some sick shit," said another witness. "That bitch looks like the chart in my doctor's office."

Ochocinco became famous for a stint on ABC's Dancing With The Stars and a reality dating show where he dates multiple women.

But right after the show started, Ochocinco was accused of hating black women and preferring white ones on the show and in real life.

"I have a preference," said Ochocinco on The Wendy Williams Show. "And I'm entitled to like what I like. People should love me regardless of how ignorant I am."

Williams took exception, reminding the self-centered fake celebrity that his mother was black and that he is black too. Ochocinco didn't seem to think this was important.

Black women were angry with the sports star, noting that black women can be just as cheap and sleazy as white women and deserve the chance to whore themselves on national TV in an equal fashion.

"He's an idiot!" said LaTwindabenitta Nelson of Brooklyn. "I tried out for the show and was rejected. He said my name was ghetto. Ain't that a bitch. His name is a number and really it's wrong. Eighty-five in Spanish is ochenta y cinco, not ocho cinco, fool. Your name is eight five, dumb ass."

Ochocinco deflects the controversy saying that he loves everybody but he just loves white women more and what's wrong with that? In the end he is happy just to be with his new love.

"I'm in heaven!" said Ochocinco. "She's so white, I can't even see her!"

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