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Sunday, July 10, 2011


There is one slang term that's useful in defining the nature of the ongoing failure of our government and society.

I don't usually subscribe to slang as intellectual expression. In fact, I've been known to hate it. However there is a fairly new, colorful and saucy expression that has gotten my attention. But not in the conventional, hip-hop vernacular "I-have-to-use-it-to-be-cool" way. No, this is In the "ironic-that-this-meaning-is-also-reflective-of-serious-shit" way.

Bitchassness [bich-as-nes] Noun. 1. Weak, stupid, cowardly or unfair actions or attitude. 2. A disagreeable act or attitude marked by cowardly or jealous behavior. See, e,g., Diddy, P. Making The Band 4.

Our country has a lot of problems, wars, unemployment, debt ceilings, morality floors. And we argue 24 hours a day on TV about the cause of it. But now I know. We got a bad case of American Bitchassness. Here are some examples:

Rewarding the greed, dishonesty and failure of Wall Street with bailouts, slaps on the wrist and silence.

Calling the President a "liar" in congress, a "dick" and any other inappropriate, thinly-veiled or not so thinly-veiled racist comments.

Extending tax cuts which would have gotten rid of 75% of our debt, then trading them for DADT and an extention of unemployment benefits. This is the political equivalent of being sent to market to sell a cow and coming home with magic beans.

Threatening the entire country with economic armageddon because one ideology refuses to take changing entitlements seriously and the other refuses to have a fair tax system.

Allowing our system of faith to be eroded by poisonous thinking which has created a God who doles out cash in lieu of salvation. Perhaps in the next Bible it will read: "...whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have points in a hedge fund, a Bently and a phat crib."

And the worst bitchassness of all is that We The People are no longer deserving of that first line in the Declaration Of Independence. It should read: "We, The Fortune 500." We have mired ourselves in such pettiness, bigotry and self-interest that we have lost sight of what made America great.

It was us, the people. One person one vote. One nation under you know who.

Not only have we fallen to bitchassness, we now reward it as the prevailing atitude and proper way of doing things. You only have to look around you to see the exalltation of this behavior in just about everything we do. From our crumbling schools, to the nasty way we treat each other to the mind-numbng stupidity of the new millennium pop culture, bitchassness rules.

Well, I will not go gentle into that diminished good night.


It only takes one voice to begin a revolution. Let it be yours.

It only takes one act to start a war. Take that action.

We can become Super Heroes of society. Fighting our arch enemy with logic reason, love, compassion, faith and a heavy dose of old fashioned patriotism.

Now, take the pledge with me:

In brightest day,
In blackest night,
No bitchassness will escape my sight.
I vow to use all my might.
Beware my power,
Bitchassness fight!

Copyright 2011