a thousand words

Sunday, July 10, 2011


They tried to be good.
But they couldn't stick to it.
But don't blame the men.
Their dicks make them do it.

Arnold didn't want to knock up the maid
Right under Maria's nose.
But his Austrian banana needed that ass
Like an mp3 needs Bose.

Weiner never meant to tweet his cock
To random hotties online.
But he couldn't resist his congressional prick
So he let that meat pole shine!

And don't fault Tiger for banging whores
And a little dirty sex-talking.
His johnson planned the whole damned thing
It's more smarter than Stephen Hawking!

Liars and Tigers, and Weiners oh my!
We get your logic and how.
Respect and family don't mean shit
When you got a fat boner right now.

So don't blame men just because
We can't keep it in our pants,
Blame the notorious D.I.C.K.
It never gives us a chance.