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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It's time The Independents Stood Up. We Are 40% Of The Electorate And 100% Of The Non-Kool Aid Drinkers.

I like political trouble-makers. They shake things up while other cower in fear of reprisal. Our government officials have grown arrogant, complacent and greedy. They act as if if We The People has been changed to "We The Suckers."

Independents have decided every election since there were elections. Indys of all religions and races don't like political parties and vote for character, leadership and vision. Unfortunately, politicians have learned to fake those things and when they get into office, they hire Wall Street to run the government.

I am officially forming the Sweet Tea Party. Named after the beverage made popular by southerners. We are an organization of logical, reasonable people who want our government to work. We are patriots and we don't suscribe to ideologies, we just want shit to work and people to be free.

For example, if you are pro life and yet you believe weed should be legal. You're a Sweet Tea-er. If you are for gay marriage but think businesses are taxes too high. Join up.

Reasonable people do not hold the same ideological view on everything. Crazy people do. It is the hope of the failed two party system that we will agree with a ideological agenda instead of a logical one.

Some come on Sweet Tea-ers join up. Here are some of our ideas:

1. No Party affiliation.
2. Reason over ideology.
3. Never vote for personality over intellIgence.
4. No bias of any kind.
5. Abolish the Federal Reserve
6. End lobbying.
7. End The Electoral College.
8. End the wars.
9. Burn the tax code.
10. End reality shows.

Okay so that last one was just me maybe but still it's an impressive list of reasonable, pro-American ideas.

And lastly we'll need a motto. All the good ones like "Don't Tread On Me" and "Kiss My Grits" are taken. I propose this: The Sweet Tea Party: Vestibulum aliquam nunc at.

Roughly translated it means "We will whip your ass."

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