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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Solution To The Black Man Shortage: Billionaires

Lucas: Billionaire, Hobson: Sister
After years of searching, the solution was right in our faces. 

Black women complain all the time about not being able to find a man. You are looking in the wrong place, ladies.

You need a billionaire.

Apparently, billionaires love black women!  There is something about having more money that God that draws them to the beauty and power of the sisters. I think this is a good thing and just what we need to stop these black women from all their complaining about men. All we need is about ten million billionaires.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  There ain't that many billionaires and where is the Sister/Billionaire Hook Up Bar? Well, I didn't say the shit would be easy but given how bad things are, it's at least a start.

If we look at this philosophically, these billionaires are just free men, strong and confident and unafraid of what anyone thinks. Money will do that.  So, we can fill in the gap between the 1,210 billionaires we have and the ten million we need with men who have these qualities, those who think like a billionaire.

So fellas, if you want one of these highly coveted specimens of femininity, there are plentiful.   I see them all time and many of them are available.   And here's the best part: I think they will forgive you for not having the billion dollars in your bank.

If you have it in your heart.

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