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Monday, March 3, 2014


Solomon Had No Choice But To Leave Patsy. We Do.

Like most of you, I am just delighted by the love and admiration shown to young Lupita. I certainly want it to continue and I am confident that she, like Gabourey Sidibe, will continue to work.

In that spirit, I would like to say to anyone who is listening, anyone who is a decision maker in Hollywood, LET THIS NOT BE THE END OF YOUR INTEREST. There is a legion of beautiful, talented, black actresses in our business who need to be freed from the bondage of obscurity, rescued from the prison of indifference.

If we can take an unknown actress and give her our business' highest honor for her first role, then surely we can finally lift the barriers to the many others who have given their lives to their art.

And why do I care? I am neither female nor an actor. Well, I have a very selfish reason for my allegiance. I cannot look at a black actress and not see the inexorable connection to me and my artistry and livelihood. When they suffer, I suffer and when they soar, so do I.

Rewarding new talent is always great, but it must not blind us to reality or be used as an excuse for not doing what we know needs to be done. If we can push the boundaries of love itself, start a revolution for equality, then surely we can address this old wound and finally mend it. A black actress shouldn't have to win an Oscar to start her career.

So let this win be the start of something. We don't need grand pronouncements or another damned "program." Let's just stop pretending they don't exit and that they haven't always been here, right under our noses.

Let's not leave Patsy on the plantation.

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