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Thursday, September 25, 2014


Who is Amber Rose and why must I always be looking at her naked ass?

This what I asked myself after seeing this woman for the umpteenth time and realizing that like a lot of so-called celebrities, she has no discernable talent. She can’t sing dance or act or even write. She’s not even famous for doing a porno that got “leaked” by some unscrupulous black man.

Then I noticed something else. On my AT&T newsfeed, along with the stories about murder, inhumanity and fake viral videos there is always a daily list of celebrity women who wear no clothing. Seriously, there are at least three stories each day whose sole point and reason for being is some woman that wore something we can see through. “J-Lo Amazes in see-through top. You won’t believe what Rihanna wore! And Arianna Grande’s short shorts should be illegal!  And no, Arianna Grande is not a vegan drink at Starbucks. She’s a “singer.”

There is a brand new category of no-talent notoriety in the digital age. Youth and beauty are worshipped in America and we have become so shallow that now just for having those two attributes you can be on TV and all over the Internet if you are willing to be all or partially naked in public or constantly wear tight or sheer clothing.

In this regard, these women are not famous.

They are fame-ass.

FAMEASS - 1. (adj.) To have notoriety for showing your naked or partially naked body in public or private situations which are made public. 2. (noun) Ass that is attached to a famous person.

I say again that a nation’s pop culture says everything about it. What does it say that we have not only fake celebrities but men and women who are famous for being nice looking and sleeping with people and taking off their shirts or wearing ass-less chaps?

I know America is prudish by world standards but seriously; do we have to reward people for showing their pubes and areolas?  We’re even clowning Obama because Russia’s President goes shirtless.

Where is this going, people? Will we start selecting our leaders and icons by their beauty, breast size and penis girth? Don’t laugh; we’re damned near there in some people’s feeble minds. 

The Internet is slowly showing us who we are and it is harsh, ugly and endlessly fascinating. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go give a fuck about Amber Rose.

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