a thousand words

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fixing Ferguson

Predictability, the tragedy in Ferguson has gone from, shock to grief to rage and then, singing, chanting, praying, crying and preaching. Funds for the dead and the shooter pour in as blacks and whites once again flex their hatred of each other through a national issue rather than honest dialogue.

And now, politicians and pity professionals will bring you the next step and that is to solve the problem with the same old tired strategies.They will talk about how many blacks there are versus cops and then someone will say "We need a program to get more black police."

But you can't fix black society by fixing one job. We must end the efficacy of racism.
To make racism fall, you must end the power of white supremacy and to do that we, the black people, must divest from it in thought and deed. And to do that, we must fix the broken relationships between black men and women and family, which are the foundations of our culture.

And to do that, there must be truth, honesty and clarity in a dialogue about sex, marriage, feminism, manhood, racism, family and how we withstood centuries of mistreatment by using love, self-respect and devotion to our future generations.