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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


In 2008 after Obama won the election and the Democrats won both houses of Congress, Democrats were on FB gloating as if it would last forever, rubbing it in to foes and saying that we should all "come together" behind their candidate, knowing what they really meant was "fall in line."

Well, no one did any such thing and the right unleashed a torrent of resistance, ignorance and bigotry like I had never seen.

Now it's 2016 and the reverse has happened, Republicans are gloating on FB as if this will last forever and the GOP calls for unity and coming together behind Trump. And liberals are protesting, charging racism and misogyny and vowing to fight and resist a President who hasn't taken office yet. Sound familiar?

The terrible thing about being an independent is that you can never claim any kind of victory because what you want are real choices, real leaders and a people who have a collective voice and an objective for a better nation for all and not just those who believe as they do.

In 2011, I wrote a blog that contained a line the has come to be prophetic in this recent election but it only shows that I was feeling just a little of what drove this cycle. I was worried that the Democrats were blowing it by investing heavily in symbolic and emotional manipulation and not enough in, you know, results. And today, I am just as worried that the GOP will believe that we want their failed policies because America voted for a circus clown to let them know how much we hate them all.

And that line from the 2011 blog was: "America will be great again when we are."

I still believe that.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


A son asks his father about being a man. The father says, "Son, all men are just monkeys."
The son is shocked and then the father continues, "But there are three kinds of monkeys. The first monkey just eats bananas and throws his shit all day. The second monkey gathers bananas to give to female monkeys in exchange for sex."
And the third one?" asks the son.
"Well," says the father. "the third monkey spends all day thinking how he can grow a banana tree."

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Thursday, July 14, 2016


This not a war of semantics but one of philosophy and ideals. Three words cut to the heart of the continuing problem of race in America.

I wanted to get to the bottom of all the anger about Black Lives Matter v. All Lives Matter and so I just asked them to both sit down so we could talk. We met at a Coffee Bean in Beverly Hills.

ME: Good to see both of you. Let's get to it. Why all the drama over which saying is the best?

BLM: It's not which is the best, it's which one is true.

ALM:  See what I mean. He's saying all lives don't matter.

ME: I think he's saying neither saying is true.

ALM: That's crazy. Of course All Lives Matter and so do black ones but as a subset of--

BLM: We are not a subset of you. That's your problem, you think everything begins and ends with you and if anyone contests it, you want to kill them.

ALM: Whoa! No one said anything about killing. Calm down now.

ME: He's got a point, we're just talking. Maybe caffeine was not a good idea.

BLM: Why is it that every time black folks do anything, here come white people to make a copy of it, add some sprinkles and then try to say they invented it? We can't have nothing, not our music, our style, our swag and it seems now we can't even have our suffering, you want that, too.

ALM: A lot of black people believe in All Lives Matter, you know.

ME: Yes, I see many of them saying it as a unifying thing.

BLM: They are lost, unable to intellectually understand this simple concept because we, all of us have been conditioned to devalue black lives and weaken self-determination. We say: "Black is beautiful!" You say "Everyone is beautiful!" We say: "Black Power!" You say: "Power to the people!" We say: "We want the funk!" You say: "Play that funky music white boy!" But in every instance, you say nothing until we say it first, only proving that your goal is to steal or undermine our efforts.

ALM: Black people are not the only ones dying. All of us are suffering out there. All Lives Matter is a rallying cry for unity not a negation of your movement.

ME: But it's like when programs are created to help blacks because of historic oppression and then one day it says "minority" and the whole thing is diluted.

ALM: This is useless. Cops kill more white people than black.

BLM: Not per capita and the media should be showing all the deaths by cop not just the black ones. Maybe then white people will not believe that somehow black people are behaving in some strange negro manner to get themselves killed.

ME: We gotta wrap this up, guys.

ALM: He just wants to keep people separate. I want to bring folks together. All Lives Matter wants everyone to be protected against violence and not always have one group out there fighting without benefit to everyone that suffers. How is that wrong? 

BLM: Events in real life prove that Black Lives do not matter, so then all lives by definition cannot matter unless you feel that black people are not in possession of humanity that is deserving of love and protection. This is the lie inherent in All Lives Matter. They don't believe it and they are lying so that law enforcement can continue to protect the chosen people. Black Lives Matter is a hopeful statement we want to be true and once it is, All Lives Matter can be said without it sounding fucking stupid.

ME: Well, okay them. See you guys out there

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


As we are looking at our first female President, let us consider one of the greatest women in history, Adam's first wife.

Every elected female leader of a nation has been called unlikeable, untrustworthy, dishonest and polarizing. Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady, had the highest negatives of any Prime Minister in England's history but when asked what they admired about her, it was these same qualities that people associated with the strength, resilience and capability necessary to do the job.

Not hard to see this for what it is: Our society has always been male-dominated and so we worship male traits and consider them at once desirable but repellant when associated with a woman.

As we all know, Eve was not Adam's first wife. It was Lilith, a strong-willed and intelligent woman who did not like the deal. Lilith was not made from a rib but made in the same process as Adam. This was a mistake because she brought to the table a countering presence which belied her second-class status but supported her equal origins. The result was, God told her to get the hell out of paradise then made Eve from a lesser cut of humanity.

The legend is that Lilith, upset at her treatment associated with Evil and became a demon, which tempted and plagued women for ages. Lilith lured women into relationships with other women which was abhorrent to God and man.

This is a good spin but I see another story. Lilith was the first feminist, a defiant voice against authority and for humanity and equality.

This is why she should be President.

A Lilith presidency would see an end to income inequality, the silly war on terror and drugs and a return to intellect as the leading quality of society. We could get over all of the problems we have with relationships and I'm betting all these ratchet reality shows come to and end, starting with The Bachelor.

Of course, Lilith is a myth and you can't have a myth as President, although Donald Trump does seem a bit like that three headed dog Hercules killed. Still, it is something to think about as we enter yet another rigged election cycle. Let's think of Lilith as a vote for reason and remember you can only be thrown out of paradise once.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

From Huxtables To Lyons: The Families of "Cosby" and "Empire."

Media is not a reflection of life or vice versa. The truth is much more complex and unsettling.

I saw the Ebony cover about The Cosby Show and I've read many damnations of the show Empire. This got me thinking about the undoubted connections between the two.

Bill Cosby's fall does not shatter the legacy of The Cosby Show; in a way, it fulfills it and for the people who say Empire is the regressive fall of Black people, well, you're just completely off base.

But there is a connection between the two. Cosby, like most good TV was in part, a fantasy show about what a minority of Black families were, and what the majority of Black families could possibly be one day. Anyone who thought it was a true and complete reflection of the Black family at the time, is just wrong and doesn't understand television which is always 10 years behind the times. I knew families like the Huxtables but they were not the norm in our nation. And while we all knew that, we nonetheless hailed The Cosby Show as a reality that had to be accepted for us all. And while we indulged in this sweet dream, many of the gains of the Civil Rights Movement evident in the show were wiped away in reality.

Empire is the defiant child of The Cosby Show. It has strong values even though the family is clearly dysfunctional. The Lyons were forged in the struggle for a better life and in that fight, their heads are bloodied but unbowed. Like Cosby, they have achieved wealth, but unlike Cosby they got it through struggle. Remember those beautifully perfect professional grandparents on Cosby? Cliff and Claire were beneficiaries of legacy.

Also, the Lyons built their empire on a crime, something that for some of us, white families are allowed to do, but not Black ones, because, well, we're Black and anything we touch is tainted because we see it through filters of self-loathing. A white man that steals is a mogul; the black one is a criminal. The Lyons are no dirtier than the families of Dallas, Dynasty or Knott's Landing with whom they also share some TV DNA.

Empire gets a bad rap because unfortunately we never get the balance. We get the one thing that the majority wants us to be at the time because we have little control in the business. So, at any given time, we have the faux world of unblackness or Niggas in Paris making it rain.

Empire has been accepted by Black and white audiences for many reasons but the main one is something that we process subconsciously. Those who like it say it's fun, the acting is good or it's entertaining. Critics say people watch it because it reinforces stereotypes that we are comfortable with. I offer a different idea. The Huxtables were successful but devoid of the heavy racial legacy of our people. The Huxtables were what non-Blacks wanted us to be and for Blacks, they were a false memory, another dream of being white on the inside, which causes no one notice how black you are on the outside. "Don't shoot me officer, I have a Ph.D. and I like lacrosse--- BLAM!

The Lyons are the Huxtables with the legacy intact, a conscious clan who has accumulated wealth but has not forgotten where they came from. They are niggas with money and that is the goal of many Black people, to have the American Dream on your own terms, without divorcing yourself from ethnicity and devotion to your people-- to be rich without selling out. And generally, we love anyone who seems to have achieved this because it is the Black American Dream to have the power of the majority but none of their guilt and the soul of ethnicity but none of its wretchedness.

Bill Cosby and Terrance Howard have both had their real-life troubles and juxtaposed to their fictional creations, we see something profound: Heathcliff, the good father is in real life, an alleged monster and it makes sense, because the man on TV was too good to be true. Lucious, the very flawed dad, is in real life just what you thought he was, flawed. Bill Cosby lied about who he was but Terrence Howard doesn't lie about anything. What you see is what you get. I think it was Mark Twain who said "Show me a perfect man and I'll show you a motherfucker with dead bitches in his trunk." Okay, maybe Richard Pryor said that.

Claire and Cookie offer an interesting comparison as well. Both women are gangsta when you think about it. We see that clearly in Cookie but Claire Huxtable was an undercover hood, a woman who always got what she wanted by hook, crook or sex and she did it all pulling six figures and never gaining a pound while having five kids, one of whom looked about her age. But if Claire was what Black women were supposed to be, Cookie is who they really are, women doing the best they know how for their families while also trying to keep what is rightfully theirs.

You  know, we talk a lot about these two shows but say precious little about the one which most accurately reflected Black life: The Jeffersons. They were a family who got their money by legal, hard work, capitalism, innovation and tireless devotion to upward mobility. George Jefferson would call Heathcliff Huxtable an Oreo, Lucious Lyon a punk and keep on steppin'. See, I think we don't revere The Jeffersons because it's too close to reality, a show that pushed neither the button that devoids blackness nor the one that perverts it.

What we see in the media has not been made by our actions or anything resembling reality. Entertainment is diversion but it is also propaganda and persuasion. We don't call it programming for nothing. Cosby begat Empire but not because of any real life evolution. They each were chosen for us by a business and sometimes I wonder if our reactions to them were chosen for us as well.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015


TRUE STORY OF UNFRIENDING. This happened earlier this year and I just never thought to share but what the hell, not like they're gonna see it. I took the names off and corrected the typos for your reading pleasure.
EX FB FRIEND: Hey, did you unfriend me? I just noticed.
ME: Yes, I did.
EX FB FRIEND: Can I ask why?
ME: Well, of course you can because you just did. I delete friends from time to time who never comment on my page or write anything I feel is funny or interesting.
EX FB FRIEND: I post all the time. Everyday. So, you don't like my posts, okay fine. I think that's kinda silly. I enjoy your page sometimes.
ME: Mostly you post selfies in tight dresses. And before you say it, I don't have any kind of problem with that. However, there was one post that I confess just got on my nerves and made me consider that I didn't need it on my little news scroll each day.
EX FB FRIEND: And what was that? Not that I care.
ME: Well, you posted that your 12 year old daughter asked you not to wear those tight dresses when her friends came over, that it took away attention from her at that awkward age (my words not hers) but you wore the dress anyway and acted shocked that the little boys who came to the party flocked around you. The butt grazing dress was not what bothered me, it was the look on your daughter's face that broke my heart. The look on the little boys faces made me wish you lived on my street when I was a kid.
EX FB FRIEND: You know, all that is really none of your business.
ME: It is when you publicize it. I worry about the state of our world, the deterioration of society and the death of music and I am frustrated that I can't do anything about it. But what I can do is not bear witness to some innocent kid getting twerked into a psychological complex by her mother. So, I changed the thing I have power over.
EX FB FRIEND: Whatever. You are a real smartass. I'm glad you unfriended me. No loss.
ME: At least we agree on that.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Unbearable Lightness Of Blackness

Rachel Dolezal’s masquerade as a black woman is important but not for any of the reasons you are reading about. It’s important for the ones no one will say. That she can even pretend to be black is of course because “Black people” come in a variety of colors in this country. And that’s because of the widely held belief that we have “dominant” genes. This Dominant Gene Theory is really the Contaminant Gene Theory, in that Black genes contaminate another race's purity.

We all know that blackness in this nation is more than color. It’s culture, family, experience, knowledge and a host of other things which link any given black person with hundreds of years of history filled with triumph, pain, brilliance, oppression, and the unique situation as the descendants of American slaves.

You don’t get to be part of that with a wink and a hairstyle.

But we, the Black people, often devalue our culture and history for many reasons, none the least of which, is there is a tireless propaganda machine at work which exalts the majority race and denigrates and marginalizes all others.

Thus, we accept anyone who wants to be a part of our tribe, to bathe in the waters of negritude and enjoy our zest for life, our position as the soul and conscious of America, our food, music, style, swagger and language.

But should we? When you think of it, American Blackness is a pretty exclusive club, forty-two million out of eight billion people. And the price of admission is not money but the very essence of the human spirit. Why should we let these wannabes just walk in and be welcome?

We shouldn’t. In fact, we should be pissed about what Rachael Dolezal is doing. Just as pissed as we are when a Black person claims to be New Black, trying to run away from association with their race. But you see, dark skin don’t rub off and if the white gene were “dominant,” how many people who are now mixed race do you think would still claim blackness?

If it were up to me, people could be anything they wanted. I like to dream of a world where you could just say “I’m a woman” or “I’m Black” and society would respect that. But it’s not up to me and that dream is a long way off. So, for now, as funny as this woman is, her situation and the resulting internet phenomenon is yet another painful reminder of the heaviness of race in our damaged society, the privilege of the majority and the arrogance of those who continuously seek to appropriate the benefits of blackness but pay none of its toll.