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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

GRAVITY (Or The Quantum Spiritulization Of Life)


The Quantum 
Of Life

Gravity binds us to the Earth and so to our reality. It is self-evident; a physical world without it is one of chaos, destruction and imperceptibility. It is also a philosophical urgency, a significance of formidable power; it is paradoxically, the ultimate gravitas. 

Transcendent of scientific necessity, Gravity is the validation of existence, a desideratum for life, a relativity of the soul. 

We churn at the center of our own emergency, but could heal every wound we inflict by  using Gravity's simple formula.

Intellect is the gravity of civilization, builder of all we know, a force that creates greatness, then surpasses it by even more astounding achievement. We have gone from crawling on an ocean floor, to walking on the moon, to reaching out beyond our solar system to ask the greatest questions of all. So, why can't we feed the world and balance the health of our planet and thwart fear, the gravity of ignorance?

Wisdom is the gravity of kindness; the accretion of experience applied through a life lived with passion and nobility. We often dwell in the valley of our worst humanity, while standing at the foot of the mountain of our unused compassion. So why not ascend that elevation and allow everyone to live without persecution and defeat greed, the gravity of cruelty?

Hope is the gravity of peace; the intellect and will of human beings to survive and create civilization separates us from all other species. We have lifted billions from harm, hurled heroism at evil, and even when we fell to our lower ambitions, we’ve stayed the hand of ultimate aggression in favor of life, never giving dominion to anger, the gravity of war.

Love is the gravity of life, our existence whether by chance or choice, by science or faith is all that we know and even while we accept this, we seek answers to both disciplines. Eight billion people with eight billion hearts are still but one atom in the vastness of the universe and one day, we will extend our life and love beyond our tiny world into the cosmos from whence we came and so defeat hate, the gravity of oblivion.

The difficulty of any time is always balanced by intellect, wisdom, hope and love. And if we suffer, punish or succumb to weakness, gravity does not hold and the world falls apart.

The mathematics of scientific gravity is complex, the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center.

Spiritual gravity is much simpler. It is an almost metaphoric product, the force created by the distance we allow to exist between us.  And the comparative equations are thus: Gravity binds us to the Earth, as Love binds us to Life.  While science controls our bodies, there are no limits on the power of our minds, which can conceive of anything and bring it into reality. 

One cannot fly, until he dreams of the heavens. 

One is mortal, until she perceives eternity.

I am only human, until I accept Love.

Eight billion people, eight billion souls and a trillion-trillion possibilities that creates a limitless power. Yet it is only a possibility until we make it a fundamental and inescapable reality of human kind.

Like the sun that warms.

The Earth that spins, and 

The Gravity that binds us to it.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Many have tried to define the period in which we are living. Are we the Computer Age, the Information Age, Digital Age or post Industrial? 

Phones are the size of credit cards, credit cards have replaced cash and money itself is now more theory than substance, more deity than currency. Post soul, Millennial, Generation X, Y and Z, we struggle to put limits on the time, so that we can analyze it and we fail because it moves and changes even as we attempt to understand it.

Whenever the American economy has shifted, leaving people out of work and giving more to automation, we get fewer people owning more, and less hope for the future, families fall apart, marriage declines, racial strife rises and along with it comes violence.

The blind ambition of capitalism was fine when we were an agrarian economy and a manufacturing one. Greed fueled incentives and expansion brought opportunities. But in the computer age, innovation fueled by greed comes at the expense of human resources and leaves vast numbers of people without jobs, purpose and hope.

You can tell the worth of humanity in a society by how it lives-- and dies. Men used to farm the land by hand and then we used big machines to do it and now we genetically modify the very seeds that grow our food, effectively making Soylent Green a reality.

We used to be bound by communities and now we are separated by the vastness of digital life and social media which allows us to talk at each other but not with our fellow man.

And we used to crucify men, burn women at the stake, shoot bullets and drop bombs on enemies and then we gained the capacity to destroy the world if we wanted.

And now we use robots to kill.

We are in a state of transfuturism, the belief that we can live in the future in our present time by thinking and doing as one might in that supposed future.

But what is our future?

Will we really obliterate ourselves or is that just fear, the nightmare of a civilized mind, the anthesis of our instinct for self-preservation?

So if Klaatu from The Day The Earth Stood Still was wrong and we will not destroy ourselves, then what? Maybe our future is brighter. Maybe we will get past our petty animal aggression and embrace life for the sake of it, minimize strife and not live off the lives of others through fiat currency and artificial boundaries based on superficial theories.

The future world we see in movies and literature is taking shape right before our eyes. One by one, the tenets of individualism are falling, and we accept laws, rules and traditions born of a collective thought, framed and focused by social algorithms and limited in character length. But must we plunge into a dark dystopian world, or can we shift our progressive hunger toward humanity and love? This would make a terrible sci fi movie but a great world.

So, buy your cryptocurrency, sync your cell phone to your brainwave pattern and store your memories on thumb drives so you can relive them again and again but do it with a sense of hope because no matter how much we innovate, we are still carbon-based, fragile and subordinate to our capacity to love.

copyright 2018


Saturday, January 27, 2018


To all the fellas going hard against Mo'Nique, let me give you an analogy that might help because sometimes us men can't see anything that hurts women unless it's ultimately about us.

Once upon a time, there was a black boy who was poor and did some bad things, bullying people around, using drugs maybe even selling loose cigarettes. He was not a perfect person, maybe not even a good one on balance.

One day a white cop shot him to death while he was unarmed and quick as a flash, people tried to justify the shooting and mollify the outrage by saying the black boy had done all those aforementioned bad things, that he was a bad man, a less than perfect person, which when coupled with blackness and maleness meant he deserved to be shot down like a dog.

You knew this was wrong, so you called out the public enablers. You said a person should know to separate personal flaws from criminal culpability and deadly force. And you were right.

Then a black woman who has said a lot of unpopular and even unfair things, another less than perfect person, is offered a lowball wage for her talent. A far cry from murder but the functional business equivalent of being shot down. And quick as a flash, you use all her lack of perfection to justify and mollify the actions of the institution that you know full well does not see black women as equals.

But now you don't see how anyone can separate the woman's personal flaws from the consideration of her talent. You are not the cop with the gun, you are the public enablers you once condemned using their same twisted logic.

Racism is a vile thing. It's not just about color. It is also about psychological and emotional perception. Sadly, inside our culture, we practice many of the customs of the oppressor, who left his mark on our brains and our hearts. This is one of them, treating black women like American society treats us all. And some of you have been so petty and mean, that you belie the logic you try to state, your undertone is so ugly, you sound like Mister yelling at Celie "You black, you ugly, you a woman!"

Don't get me wrong, I have the same bad notions. I'm just as imperfect as Mo'Nique and that black boy. I have just worn these negative tendencies down to the point where they can be defeated by my eternal hero-- intellect.

Some of you are going to want to argue with this. You gonna whine, "It's not the same. Unfair analogy! Whaaaaa." Then you will point out once again Mo'Nique's personality, big mouth, bad business acumen and the like, but all you will be doing is missing the point and proving it at the same time. All you will be doing is showing your lack of an eternal hero.

Instead of this folly, just take it to heart, think about it, and know it was said in the spirit of helping.

In the meantime, as to that disabling mentality we have, that sound you hear is not a bell, it's a spoon on the rim of a teacup. But it is not the boss of you.

Get real.
Get smart.
Right now.