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Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Crazy, Militant Faction Of The Conservative Movement Makes Me Believe That My People Could Use A Little Crazy And A Lot Of Militancy.

In his excellent article What If The Tea Party Were Black? Tim Wise wonders what America would do if black folk acted like the Tea Party.
I would rejoice.
Not that I'm fond of funny hats or misspelled signs or anything. What makes me smile about this fantasy is black people coming together and getting mad about shit. I want black folks to stop voting out of tired ideology and old allegiances that have yielded nothing but more empty promises. I want black people to get mad about the failure of government, the rewarding of greed, theft, dishonesty, immorality and stupidity.
Like them or not, the Tea Party has balls. I'm not joining but then again I'm a fierce independent and fiercer cynic. Still I like them because they dare to speak out. Even if it's loud, disassociated speaking out, at least they are doing it and not cowering in a corner and Waiting For Superman
"But Gary you say the Tea Party is crazy and racist! Didn't you hear them say it on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News?"
Yes, I did but when was the last time they all agreed on anything? And why do they agree on this?
Ladies and Gentlemen it's time for a little American History: (Cue Ragtime music)
"They are racist! They are nuts! They want to turn back the clock! They are for only the rich, elite, power-brokers and against the common man!"
These statements are not about the Tea Party but were said about the Democratic Party in the 1800's.
Later, In the 1850s, under the stress of the Fugitive Slave Act and the Kansas-Nebraska Act, two laws that perpetuated slavery, anti-slavery Democrats left the party, Joining with former members of existing or dwindling parties, the Republican Party emerged from this. They elected Lincoln and ended slavery. (Yeah, I know it's complicated but I don't have time to go into all that)
The Republicans flourished, became the party of The Establishment, turned against black people and aligned themselves with greedy bankers and bigots. Then they presided over the Great Depression so black people went back to the now black-friendly Democrats who needed votes. FDR was elected, started the New Deal and we've been in the pocket ever since.
During this time, I can make the arguments that : A. the Democrats have presided over the biggest black prison population in the history of the world and have sided against a black President, and B. The Republicans have reversed the Civil Rights Movement and worked against black prosperity in general.
So, if the Tea Party is racist then: They are just like every other American Party at some point in history. And if they are not, then they are head and shoulders over both major parties.
Either way, the argument is bullshit.
But I understand it. If I had an enemy that threatened me, I'd use the super-guaranteed, all-purpose American badge of racism to stop them. We know it exists but it's never our fault or responsibility. It gets just about all the blacks to go along and allows white people to use those last vapors of racial guilt to stop their brains from working and blame some other white person. (End music)
So what would The Black Tea Party Do?
Well first we'd have much cooler hats. I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those three pointed jobs. Although I do dig the feathers! We can even have clever slogans like "We're AmeriCANS, not AmeriCANT'S!
Next, we could try to save the black church. We could get mad and say that after three hundred years of being led by religious men, that we have come to ruin. The churches are filled with greedy, sinful hypocrites, homosexual homophobes and political whores who just want to keep on living large off the money of the hopeful and get in the way of the churches that want to save souls and help people.
To this end, prosperity religion must end. God wants my money? Are you serious? God wants me to give a man dressed in a $3,000 suit my hard earned cash. He wants me to be good and in return He will grant me grace and success on earth? People, does anyone really believe this? My father said life was God's only gift and your reward was in the next life. Who the hell said God was giving out grants and spiritual pay day loans? And didn't Jesus want his followers to give up all possession?
The "MoneyChurch" must end or it will end black people. You don't horse-trade with God and His Love is not an ATM machine that dispenses cash, jobs and husbands. If this life is hard, we made it that way and only because we have (say it with me) fallen short of His Glory.
We could also break away from the false notion of black liberalism. Black people are a mix of conservative and progressive values, just ask the gay marriage advocates in California. We are liberal on one main issue only, freedom. By and large, black folk believe in responsible government, family, faith and many other so-called conservative values. What we don't like is bullshit and there's plenty of that these days. Hey, there's another clever slogan: Black: The Opposite Of Bullshit.
Another great Black Tea Party reform could be the end of down low homosexuality. We could insist that if you're gay you come out or we force you out. This way no one has to be shamed and live in fear and any woman that wanted to be married to a man who also has sex with men could make that choice. The CDC and HIV Prevention Groups would love this as black women now lead in new AIDS cases in part because of this practice. We must be bigger, people. Some of the best and brightest in our race have been homosexual. If we took away their accomplishments and leadership, we'd probably still be slaves.
I know this one is very controversial but the Black Tea Party could also bring back real black music and good singers. We stop the singing and rapping about fuc--g and all the derogatory stuff against women. And if you can't do it, then you don't have a career. I hear they're hiring at Chick Fill-A. Oh yeah and no more autotune, dammit!
Embrace the word nigger. Yes not ban it but embrace it. No more giving the word power and using it to sell stuff. If we continue to martyr the word it will always have control over us. Come on niggas, give it a shot!
And lastly, we must reclaim our nobility. We used to be the beacon that led the way for America. Black people were always the ones who called it straight and had no reason to bullshit people. And because we were oppressed, we didn't want anyone else to be oppressed. We were nothing less than the conscious of the community, the living soul of America.
This is why so many Americans are mad at the President because they expected this and have, in their eyes, not seen it. A black woman at a town hall meeting humbled the President with her sincere and heartfelt disappointment.
We cannot continue to embrace this tired notion that we need to protect each others' failures, bad behavior, criminality, hypocrisy and bad singing. So often we feel that the lowered bar is all we have. You can turn lemons in to lemonade but you cannot turn wretchedness and self hate into prosperity, love and art. But maybe you can make some tea.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Chicken, The Egg And Eddie Long

Eddie Long And His Problem Is The Tip Of A Very Big Iceberg That We Do Not Speak Of Very Often.

Eddie Long addressed his people and the people (10,000) lined up with gold-leafed bibles and prayer cloths to ask for tolerance and forgiveness for Eddie Long. When one man asked for the truth, he was thrown out. Others ask not to convict the man before he’s proven guilty. This happens every time a man of God is accused with molestation or other misbehavior.

But ask yourself this: in all those other accusations, how many times has it NOT been true?
The answer is almost never. So, I don't wonder if he did it. Chances are he did. Now it's all about getting him out of it so the money can keep flowing in that church. If you want a more sympathetic view read Goldie Taylor's excellent blog here.

So before the payoffs begin, before people plaster religion over their denial and refuse to see what’s in front of them, let this, my most humble FB page, be a place where someone looks beyond the bullshit to something more important.

I am concerned with things more troublesome than another fake, homophobic self-hating gay republican minister. I worry about the root of this problem.

There is a history of sexual abuse that goes all the way back to slavery. The master raped his slaves then enslaved his own children. Black men were forced to have sex with different women without love commitment or jumping a broom. And we can only surmise that many slave masters were homosexual and raped male slaves. And after freedom, we carried these scars into an uncertain future.

Flash-forward to the rampant incarceration of black males in the 1980’s and 90’s during the creation of the prison industrial complex, when America’s phony “war on drugs” was used to end the progression of post-civil rights black America. Affirmative action was halted, discrimination laws relaxed and businesses allowed to ship jobs overseas. When unemployment soared, black men were left with few choices. And if they chose to use drugs in their despair (or weakness), then simple possession laws suddenly carried penalties that rivaled major violent felonies. Men were taken away from their families and communities and put into a burgeoning prison system which broke their spirit and awakened the aforementioned baggage of slavery.

Within the prison population that incarcerates 10.4% of the black male population, there is widespread sexual abuse and forced homosexual behavior. Some years later, this wholesale incarceration of black men led to a corresponding rise in reported male molestation in the black community. Many men admitted in a study (see below) that they are not homosexual but occasionally engaged in sex with men and in almost every case, they were introduced to this behavior by force or coerced by a trusted adult, like a minister of a mega church.

Understand that this is not a myth. It is fact proven with hard numbers and lives lost and turned asunder. A black man goes to prison under an unfair and unjust system. He is molested. He gets out and he in turn molests a boy, who molests another and so on. The studies show that within the black community that casual molestation inflicted upon fatherless boys became almost commonplace, Many victimized young men suffered from self-hatred, depression, suicidal thoughts. Also many of them carried resentment of women which came from resentment of traditional sexual roles. (And although this was not in the study, I say this anti-woman notion was reinforced by hip hop images and lyrics.) See, Childhood Sexual Abuse in Black Men who have Sex with Men: Results from three Qualitative Pilot Studies. Sheldon D. Fields, PhD, David Malebranche, MD, Sonja Feist-Price, PhD.

It is an almost Shakespearean tragedy: The same country that freed us, kept us in a constant state of legal oppression, within a cycle of poverty and subject to new and improved forms of slavery that kept the problems alive and allowed them to mutate until they were absorbed into our culture, thus proving the very false racist notions which justified our original enslavement.

Outrageous, you say? Ridiculous that prison culture could influence the greatness of Black America? Then were did the baggy pants style come from? Where did the “no snitching rule” come from? Rap tunes celebrating the strength of doing time? Prison tats? The rising HIV infection rates of black women?

We have survived many terrible things in this country but the shadow of our past is never far behind, it seems. And every time we slow down, it overtakes us.

I thought Eddie Long represented everything that was wrong with the church. Now it seems he also represents what’s wrong with black society. But which came first? Is Eddie Long a chicken laying eggs filled with abuse or is he himself a victim, an egg that matured to wreak havoc upon others?

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