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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


As we are looking at our first female President, let us consider one of the greatest women in history, Adam's first wife.

Every elected female leader of a nation has been called unlikeable, untrustworthy, dishonest and polarizing. Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady, had the highest negatives of any Prime Minister in England's history but when asked what they admired about her, it was these same qualities that people associated with the strength, resilience and capability necessary to do the job.

Not hard to see this for what it is: Our society has always been male-dominated and so we worship male traits and consider them at once desirable but repellant when associated with a woman.

As we all know, Eve was not Adam's first wife. It was Lilith, a strong-willed and intelligent woman who did not like the deal. Lilith was not made from a rib but made in the same process as Adam. This was a mistake because she brought to the table a countering presence which belied her second-class status but supported her equal origins. The result was, God told her to get the hell out of paradise then made Eve from a lesser cut of humanity.

The legend is that Lilith, upset at her treatment associated with Evil and became a demon, which tempted and plagued women for ages. Lilith lured women into relationships with other women which was abhorrent to God and man.

This is a good spin but I see another story. Lilith was the first feminist, a defiant voice against authority and for humanity and equality.

This is why she should be President.

A Lilith presidency would see an end to income inequality, the silly war on terror and drugs and a return to intellect as the leading quality of society. We could get over all of the problems we have with relationships and I'm betting all these ratchet reality shows come to and end, starting with The Bachelor.

Of course, Lilith is a myth and you can't have a myth as President, although Donald Trump does seem a bit like that three headed dog Hercules killed. Still, it is something to think about as we enter yet another rigged election cycle. Let's think of Lilith as a vote for reason and remember you can only be thrown out of paradise once.

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