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Saturday, April 25, 2015


America has many notions of freedom but one basic economy.

Our Founding Fathers were smart men but they created a nation that, like an aphid, was born pregnant. America carried the germ of it's own disease at birth. The desire for complete freedom was belied by the utility of violence, greed and ignorance of their fellow man's humanity.

America thus gave birth to the children of genocide, the business of slavery, the culture of violence and more wars than we all care to remember. It cradles itself in denial and a religious hypocrisy whose foundation was formed by notions of racial supremacy. As a result, this nation is now home to an economy which always seems committed to some part of its people being defacto slaves.

Throughout history, the American business paradigm boasts how it's based on free markets but it was really based on subjugation, murder, thievery, cheating and the oppression of workers. Our banking system, Wall Street and even union labor have created markets wherein a few control the many and keep people from truly being united by promoting disunity in the name of solidarity.

After we ended chattel slavery, we continued other forms of it because America knew no other way and economic models based on merit would have surely combined with the skill set in the Negro community or the flow of skilled immigrants to create an economy rooted in freedom and fairness and who the fuck wants that? 

So Blacks were enslaved again by Jim Crow. Then again by legal discrimination in housing, education and employment. Immigrants were similarly held back and only allowed acceptance into the dominant culture if they adopted the prevailing prejudices of the time and dilute their swarthy skin by intermarriage.

We had another revolution in the 1960's, which pushed back against these earlier practices, only to be re-enslaved 20 short years later by the mass incarceration of black men and prisons for profit. And at the same time, all Americans were duped into allowing the elite to suck up most of America's fiat wealth and then squeeze us all into states of poverty, fear and despair such that when it is released, we will all gladly accept whatever new form of slavery is offered here in the millennium.

This time, it will be technological and informational slavery, a world where from cradle to grave, your government will limit and control everything you do and in return, you will get to live, eat and divert your mind with whatever distractions our culture programs.

Countries don't change much over time. Most nations are still at heart what they always were. England is still an empire, fading and pathetic but trying to hold on. Germany is still a nation of proficiency, Japan a spiritual based tech machine and America is still a slavery nation, evolving new ways to own the fruits of humanity without compensation.

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