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Monday, March 31, 2014


It is often said that Black people are not a monolith. But maybe, some monoliths are good for you.

On the floor of Congress in 1864, while debating the 13th Amendment, a white man stood and said to the governing body of America that its Black citizens were "human beings, created by God" and should be endowed with all the rights afforded to white people.

He went on further, to call the opposing party a "gang of racists." That man was Thaddeus Stevens, and he was a Republican. The gang of racists he spoke of, were Democrats.

A century later, JFK, a Democratic President said these words:
"One hundred years of delay have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves, yet their heirs... are not fully free. They are not yet freed from the bonds of injustice... this Nation... will not be fully free until all its citizens are free.... Now the time has come for this Nation to fulfill its promise." 
And today, we have a Republican Party Thaddeus Stevens would dislike and probably disown when it comes to race relations. And we have a Democratic Party, the descendants of that racist gang, that has cast itself as the saviors of Blacks.

Black Americans, the descendant of slaves, started out as Republicans, then changed to Democrats. Both parties have embraced us, used us, and then abandoned us. Both have been brother and oppressor, protector and murderer.

So why have allegiance to either party? Why not start our own? Well, there are many obstacles to that none the least of which is black folks have no sociological cohesiveness these days, but that is a blog for another day.

We are still the biggest unassimilated group in this nation. And if you are thinking "Black people are not a monolith," then you are responding to programming by the people who benefit from Black divisiveness. Black people need to be monolithic in politics. A monolith is big, broad and can, if positioned correctly, blot out the sun.

If all Black voters switched to Independent, it would be like nothing we've seen since the 1960's. It would be nonviolent and quiet but the results would change everything.

Imagine both parties fighting over tens of millions of votes. Imagine the Republicans having to take a position on race other than using it for divisiveness and blame. Imagine Democrats having to work for and please Black people for their votes, instead of taking them for granted. And imagine a Black President having to deal with a Black constituency by exchanging political capital for votes and not symbolic rhetoric and ethnic pandering. (Yes, I said pandering)

Black Republicans would have to give up the idea that values and morality somehow make them belong to a party that hasn't had their best interests at heart for a century and that is home to some of the most outspoken bigots in the nation.

Black Democrats would have to acknowledge that the history of their party is mired in racism, hate and oppression and their current inclusion was done for political reasons, not brotherly love. If the Democrats are so great, then tell me why do we still suffer after more than a century in their good graces and after the election of their choice for the first Black President? I'll wait.

The Black Independent Party and its Badass Eagle Logo would issue the following platform:

  • Reparations of $500 Trillion ($500,000,000,000,000) (Okay, it's just a scare tactic but it's should always be there as a reminder of who we are: Never Forget.)  
  • Decriminalization of drugs.
  • Immediate end of for-profit prisons and mass incarceration.
  • National Recovery and Jobs Act
  • Reinstatement of Affirmative Action in all sectors of Business and Education.
  • Reestablishment of the Fairness Doctrine, dismantling of the Big News Media and breaks for local newspapers so that a free press can be maintained.
And oh yeah, about the subtitle of this piece: King Sisyphus was made to roll the boulder up the mountain only to watch it roll back down again and again for eternity because of his pride and cleverness in the face of the gods. Why do we, the Black people, continue to carry the boulder of our support for two parties who historically have offered second-class citizenship at best and at worst, death? What kind of mindset takes mistreatment and marginalization as reward for boosting men to great power? Well, as I said before, that is a blog for another day. 

For today, let's free Sisyphus.

Copyright 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014


God gave men the urge and women the answer. The urge when coupled with intellect is seductively powerful. So a man needs more than will power. He needs Dick Mastery.

This was the first article, written before The 10 Rules Of Pussy Management but I allowed Ms. Toussaint to publish hers first, because as she reminds me, a woman's time is more valuable than a man's.

Women hate it when men say their urges are biological and hard to control. Well, you just have to get over it, ladies because the shit is true. However, it was man who got off all fours and conquered his sexual urges and built civilization. Men controlled their instincts, mastered their dicks and the next thing you know, we were watching the Mars Probe on an iPhone.

So here are the 7 Rules Of Dick Mastery:

Rule 1: Master Your Dick Or Be Its Slave.
Rule 2: Dicks Love Pussy, Men Love Women.
Rule 3: Be Superman On The Street, Batman In The Bed.
Rule 4: Make a Life, Take A Wife.
Rule 5: ABB/NBB - Always Be Bonin'/Never Be Bonin'.
Rule 6: Adapt Your Dick Or Die.
Rule 7: A Mastered Dick Is Power.

Rule 1: Master Your Dick Or Be Its Slave.

There two types of men, those who control their dicks and those who are slaves to them. A Dick Master is focused, driven and dedicated to something bigger than himself. A man who is slave to his dick is random, lazy and dedicated to feeding his penis and little else.

Let me be clear, to master your dick is not to be a eunuch, celibate, weak or docile. It is about intellect over instinct, learned behavior over inborn behavior, manhood over juvenility.[1]

Rule 2: Dicks Love Pussy, Men Love Women.

Men talk about pussy as if it exists separately from a woman. This is the first step towards believing there are no consequences to your actions. Remember, you can't have pussy without a woman but can have a woman without pussy. If you don't see the logic in the last part of that statement, keep reading Rule 1 until your eyes bleed.

Rule 3: Be Superman On The Street, Batman In The Bed.

A Dick Master understands gentlemanly behavior. He does not believe that a woman should fuck him because he bought her a hamburger; he is a superman. Superman is a hero, a gentleman who sacrifices all for those who need his help. Batman is dark, dangerous, but you know he can take care of business behind closed doors. And, he has toys.

Rule 4: Make a Life, Take A Wife.

If you get a woman pregnant, she will be your wife forever. You don't have to marry her but she cannot be dismissed as if she doesn't exist and like a wife, she will always have power over you. 

I am not saying a single dad or even a part time dad is inherently a dick slave. I am saying that once the baby is here, you must subordinate your general interests to that of the kid and the woman. No excuses, Baby first, Woman second, then You. And I don't care if you don't like her. She has dominion over the life you made together. Find common ground or you will be sorry.[2] 

If you think she can be dismissed, after a baby, then you've separated the woman from her pussy and Django can’t free you from your dick.

Rule 5: ABB/NBB - Always Be Bonin'/Never Be Bonin'.

A man should always be provocative, charming funny and make a woman think he is worthy of her, worthy of getting her to manage her pussy his way. But a man should also be selective, honest, use discretion and never lower the value of his dick just to get some. And here is the axiom: 

The lady who wants you to lower the dick 
is never worthy of it, unless it is lowered. 

Think about it.

Rule 6: Adapt Your Dick Or Die.

Women have changed. Men have not. Women are not going back into the closet of second-class citizenship. Those who demand these "traditional" women who are docile and submissive may find women like that but now they come at a price and that is your honor, nobility and devotion.

A man must approach a woman as a partner and not an annex to some post-modern delusion. If you cannot, then you are one ejaculation away from being a pathetic-wretched-babydaddy-asshole-crying-about-child-support-cursing-women-but-still-loving-pussy-dick slave.

Rule 7: A Mastered Dick Is Power.

And with power comes responsibility. A Dick Master looks at the world as a place of possibility, not limitation, a world of love not sex.

He is a father by choice, a friend by nature. He is a gentleman, a lover, a rock.

A Man.

Now, get to mastering.


Copyright 2014

[1] The morality and fidelity games we play will soon become outdated. Then what people? Realityship.
[2] Men hate this but it is undeniably true. Fight her and the courts will tear your ass apart and you will likely lose the love of your kids.  And once that happens, you are nothing. 

Monday, March 3, 2014


Solomon Had No Choice But To Leave Patsy. We Do.

Like most of you, I am just delighted by the love and admiration shown to young Lupita. I certainly want it to continue and I am confident that she, like Gabourey Sidibe, will continue to work.

In that spirit, I would like to say to anyone who is listening, anyone who is a decision maker in Hollywood, LET THIS NOT BE THE END OF YOUR INTEREST. There is a legion of beautiful, talented, black actresses in our business who need to be freed from the bondage of obscurity, rescued from the prison of indifference.

If we can take an unknown actress and give her our business' highest honor for her first role, then surely we can finally lift the barriers to the many others who have given their lives to their art.

And why do I care? I am neither female nor an actor. Well, I have a very selfish reason for my allegiance. I cannot look at a black actress and not see the inexorable connection to me and my artistry and livelihood. When they suffer, I suffer and when they soar, so do I.

Rewarding new talent is always great, but it must not blind us to reality or be used as an excuse for not doing what we know needs to be done. If we can push the boundaries of love itself, start a revolution for equality, then surely we can address this old wound and finally mend it. A black actress shouldn't have to win an Oscar to start her career.

So let this win be the start of something. We don't need grand pronouncements or another damned "program." Let's just stop pretending they don't exit and that they haven't always been here, right under our noses.

Let's not leave Patsy on the plantation.

Copyright 2014