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Saturday, December 24, 2011


"The good thing about talent is that it burns 
brightly.  The bad thing is, it's bright and it 
burns." - Anonymous

There is something in an artist that has made him what he or she is. And it is not a nice thing. It could be alienation, depression, obsession, or even abuse. In any event, we are psychologically detached at an early age and we are saved by our imaginations, out of which comes talent. But our talent comes at a price and one of them is the toll in a relationship.

 I thank God that I was messed up enough to be a writer and not so much that I became an actor. Actors, truly talented ones, are just a little bit crazy, and the more talented they are, the closer to that chaos they tend to be. They may seem high-functioning, arrogant and vain but it goes with the territory and it is necessary to what they have to do, the confidence and courage they have to muster, for a business they love, but which does not love them back. They must believe they are great when no one else does.

And so we have this notion that actors are messed up and you shouldn't date them because they bring drama. In reality actors are just free. Free from delusion about life and sex, free from hypocrisy and free from caring about the judgements of others who cannot (or will not) assist their passion.

And so if you want to date, marry or even just hook up with an actor, then know this: They only thing they will ever love more than their art is their children. And they will never allow you to corrupt or destroy their dream.

So if you want to be in a relationship with an actor and you are not willing to share and support their dream, if you are not willing to be a cheerleader for Team Actor, then you will fail because --

You are a rock...

Trying to hold on to a rocket.

© 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



"You just can't reason with these females...."

I can't say how many times I've heard the word female used in this way. Several years ago, I wrote a mean little book which I still have yet to release.  It is about a particular problem in Black relationships.  Anyway, during the writing of the tome, my protagonist (a woman) noted that many Black men like to refer to women as "females" and that it felt condescending.  If you think I am splitting hairs fellas, then how would you feel if a white man called you a Negro?  

Here is the passage from the book:

I hate it when a man says female like that.  For many, it’s just a nicer way of saying bitch.  As if any of them understand the scientific nature of the term.  I had a random thought about a scientist yelling: “Bring in the amoeba-- and the females!”

Why do we, Black people, who are so creative, waste our time finding ways to put each other down?  It's beneath us fellas and you know what?  Women can be unreasonable, too.

And ladies, the often used "Good black man" reference is similarly condescending. I hate it. It assumes that "good" is an aberration and I am happy to report that it is not. I get a lot of angry notes from men sometimes and it occurs to me they are upset because they are good men and they think I am talking to them.  

You say you need a good man ladies but it has been my experience that many of you (and please, spare me the "not me" post) use the term "good man" because you've intentionally spent a lot of time with men who are not good. You cannot indict all men because of your poor choices.  

To this end, also from the unreleased book:

Black women were wonderful, he thought, but so many had little time-bombs in them, a nasty little belief that all men were fucked up and would prove it sooner or later.  It was a hard, Impenetrable knot of sentiment built by bitter mothers, absentee dads and bad boyfriends who had failed to heal their wounded souls.  

It is so easy to be a provocateur in Black relationships. People are frustrated for themselves and their friends.  What's hard to do is to be curative, or at least try.  We can do better but perhaps it is best to start with the little things we can change.  These are two of them.  

No more "females" unless you're in a lab coat.

And try to just need "a man" and leave the color out.

copyright 2011