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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Our 43rd and 44th Presidents are alike in one very startling way.

People believe there are marked differences between George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. One's black, the other white. One's liberal, the other conservative. One's loved, the other vilified.

But historians will see it differently, at least when it comes to foreign policy and national security. They will see the glaring similarities between the two men. After promising to abolish all of the "power grabs" of his predecessor, Obama has abolished few of them and in fact as extended many, like the FISA law and created new ones like banning assembly at government buildings. On the foreign policy front, some have noted that there are 100 ways Obama is like Bush.

Whether Obama broke promises or not is at times debatable. What is without question is the fact that Presidential policy and the U.S. Global Initiative changed on September 11, 2001 and so our world agenda had to change.

Obama supporters say that this is because Bush created a new brand of foreign policy that effectively bound the new President (and future Presidents) to his political will.

Obama detractors say the President is at best weak and at worst, the leader of Bush's third and fourth term.

Presidents leave deep footprints in history and new Presidents don't so much chart new passages as they modify old ones.

Still, no progressive is happy with the situation and the conservatives pretend to be mad but notice that they are not angry about any of the wars, military actions or other aggressive moves by President Obama.

The President's second term goals have been stated. They include gun control, gay rights, immigration and the continuation of the aforementioned global policy.

So, if you're waiting on a big change, then you'd better start thinking about 2016. And how creepy will that picture look when Hilary Clinton's face is morphed in.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NIGGER: A POEM (Apologies to Dr. Seuss & Rudy Ray Moore)


A Second Term President Reveals Who A Man Really Is. 

So, now what?

Barrack Obama has been sworn in for a second term and after the parties and the parades and Beyonce what's gonna happen?

There was always the hope that the reserved man of the first term would give way to a more rambunctious President, one who would embrace progressivism and run with it. But judging from his speech, that's probably not going to happen. But I am making a direct appeal to the President.

Go Django.

Well, not in the literal sense. He should not try to erase his enemies, although would any of us miss the legitimate rape guy?

No, he should do it in the metaphorical sense, stop trying to please people who will never like or respect you.  Dr. King didn't want to be loved; he wanted people to embrace the policy of love but he was resolute in his beliefs and if you didn't like him, that was cool, just get out of the way.

I never expect any President to do anything by himself.  The Presidency is really very symbolic and so the President should stand for something, not just the circular politics of our time. He should stop declaring wars on concepts and inanimate objects and speak candidly about how people are losing ground.

But even if the President cannot be more Django-like, we can do something. We can unchain our minds against the things that have kept us enslaved to hopelessness, self-hate and discord. And for that we need no permission, no leadership, just will.

So, let's all say goodbye to Miss Candie and get it done.


Monday, January 7, 2013



Don’t fuck with Django,
Spaghetti western king.
He’s running on love
And that’s a dangerous thing.
Why criticize his actions
When powers his goal?
Why nitpick his language
When the brother’s got soul?
He didnt bow down to massa,
He didnt break under stress,
He wore white ruffles,
But never a damned dress!
Why do some fear Django?
Because he was free?
Or cause he might remind a nigga
What a nigga could be?
Fearless in his love
Cunning and smart.
A weapon in his hand,
Retribution in his heart.
 So dont you dare fuck with Django.
Hes rambunctious and randy.
Say hello to a Black hero,
And say goodbye to Miss Candy.

copyright 2013