a thousand words

Thursday, June 12, 2014


As Eric Cantor packs his shit, all politicians should be wetting themselves.

It is not his immigration stance that toppled him as some would have you believe. Eric Cantor got his ass kicked because he is in the bubble, living in that elite group of men and women who are so distanced from the needs of common folk, that they really believe that money is speech and corporations are people.

The Democrats were partying and rightly so, because the Tea Party continues to divide their opponents. This allows the Dems to continue their slow walk to the deprivation of freedom, instead of the sprint the Republicans want. But Nancy Pelosi (who really did throw a party) should not be so quick to pop bottles, because the real reason Mr. Cantor is out of a job, is righteous anger and that spells trouble for everyone on Capitol Hill.

Aren't we all sick of these idiots? I read the comments of both conservative and liberals online and all I can say is, you're all wrong. You should not love a party more than your nation and should not cling to an ideology so strongly that compromise makes you physically ill.

I will say it again, the balance of progressivism and conservatism is what made America and if either side wins, we all lose. 

Republicans will want you to think that Cantor made a political mistake and fell prey to a neglected constituency. Democrats will want you to think that Cantor was toppled by racist voters who hate Mexicans. Both fake parties will continue to feed you the same old B.S. hoping this moment will pass and others won't become angry and vote their frustrations with a government that hasn't had the interest of the common man in mind for the last half century or so.

So goodbye Mr. Cantor, and good luck with the million dollar lobbyist job you are sure to get. And for the rest of you beware. Because anger is easy to access and hard to forget.