a thousand words

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


There is something in the Trayvon Martin case bigger than the death of an innocent boy, bigger than even the conspiracy that let his killer go free for 47 days.

The light is on again.  That mental radiance that illuminates the un-forgiven sin of our nation, the nuclear bomb of perceived racial inferiority, the subjugation of hearts and minds to the casual affliction of bias that permeates our culture.  For this, we all suffer without regard to race or color, culture or creed. 

I do not call for action, or prayers, nor do I ask for donations or pledges that are forgotten as soon as Facebook is clicked off.  I don't need to.  We all have skin in this game and no one can walk away from this after it becomes last week's "news-tainment" or a hyperlink at the bottom of an internet page.

I just ask for a moment to consider your place in the vastness of humaniy and know that we all make a difference-- if only we dare.  

Human beings have the greatest conviction of any species on the planet.  And Americans live in the nation with the most freedom and yet we abdicate that gift for the complacency of sheepish behavior.  Well, all I can say is, men eat sheep and make clothes of their skin.  We must stand against the cultural lies that give fuel to the Norman Wolfingers, Chris Lees and Judge Robert Zimmermans who in turn enable and protect the George Zimmermans to commit murder motivated by those same cultural lies.

I will not let the dead become a footnote to my humanity or the “snooze button” on the clock of my righteous indignation.

Trayvon is dead.

Zimmerman is arrested.

And I dare to challenge all the reasons why it happened.

I dare.

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