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Friday, February 15, 2013


The New Town Tragedy Is Not Unfathomable; It's Temporal.

Adam Lanza's father and mother were stock brokers. Then Adam was born and it was apparent that there was something wrong with him. Eventually, the father left them. He was a man with money and options and a son that God deemed should be born with a deficiency. So he split and left them the house and over $250K a year in support. 

But no amount of money can compensate for a father who loves and supports you and so the mom struggled without him-- and so did the son. The family fell apart as the bond, the covenant was gone.  Adam plunged into violent psychosis, and his mother, money and all, could not help him. 

And all you divorced and never married moms and dads, I don't wanna hear your story about how this is an unfair analogy and how you're a good parent despite the circumstances. I'm making a much bigger point here.

A mother loves a kid in a way a father can't. They had the kid as part of her body and her connection to him is soul deep and her judgment about him is that much more skewed in the kid's favor. A father loves his kid but his connection is not the same. He can love but he judges the kid with a little more, shall we say, parental objectivity.

Who knows but if the father had stayed, the kid may have found his way back to peace or maybe the mother's love and the father's objectivity would have combined to lock his ass up when he got older and more violent.

When people get married, who the hell do you think you are making those promises to? To each other? That is the arrogance of us now, that another human being promises loyalty and fidelity to us and our pathetic capacities. No, you are making those promises to much higher powers and if you break them, then you invite the consequences.

And if you have a baby without the wedding, don't think that lets you off the hook. Marriage is a man-made religious ceremony. It memorializes a spiritual promise. Have a baby and marriage or not, you have made the same convenant with God.

There are 2.4 trillion seconds in an average person's life, as many as the digital expression of life's most famous number, Pi.  A trillion little moments, wherein a choice can change your life and the lives of everyone on this planet. One person makes a choice, a baby is born. He makes another and 26 people die; 50 trillion moments are gone, one of which could have cured cancer, become President or made a discovery that took us to the next level of humanity.

How much clearer could the urgency of our social mandate be? If we do not fix the little things, then the bigger consequences, the fruit of those choices, surely come.

Let us all choose wisely.

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