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Monday, April 7, 2014


Greed, Faithlessness and Ignorance are the Unholy Trinity of the modern age's decline. But what connects and exerts their influence? An ocean of evil.
In the original Human Debt Ceiling, I discussed how three aspects of societal behavior: Greed, Faithlessness and Ignorance were ripping apart our society. 

It was hard to conceive of this as an ordered phenomenon. It seemed random, like the world unraveling in a wind storm. But it is not. 
After due consideration, I now know that there is a definite connection to these aspects and it was right in front of my face: Money.
Think of our faithless society, our greed and our ignorance as blocks floating on a sea of liquid. That liquid is money, commerce, wealth, however you want to define it. All of the major economic systems of the world use fiat currencies and market manipulation to oppress and control people, so it is simple that this is the connective tissue: a core of corruption, an enabler of evil, a matrix of malevolence.
Think I'm being dramatic? Let's do the math:
Equation 1. 
(Greed + Faithlessness) x Money = Pernicious Behavior

Mega churches, prosperity ministry and Money as God is now the way of our society. People now believe that wealth is the evidence of God, that earthly currency means God loves you. Fueled by their greed, many believe that any means to get paid is justified because God wants it. 

This is axiomatic in America where all the wealth and land we have was taken by force in the name of God. It is then only logical that all is forgiven if it ends in money-- even murder. Look at all the killers who have gotten off because they are wealthy. Even a man who raped a five year old got away with it because he's loaded.

And in everyday life, people are becoming more hateful, jealous-hearted, and envious than ever before. We have redefined pop culture by this tenet where we admire evil whorish people and write off any virtuous person's behavior as weak or silly. 

The Money/God, demands condemnation for good behavior, tithes of vile action, and redemption for anything that results in a cash out. 

Nowhere do we see this more evident than politics where money buys Presidents, Senators and now controls the entire process. Media now literally counts the money and decides who wins. And we, the obedient children of the God of Money, say only "Amen."

Equation 2. 
(Ignorance + Faithlessness) - Money = The Bastard Nation

We now produce more children out of wedlock than ever before. The government reports that 40.7 percent of all 2012 births were out-of-wedlock. Leading the trend, as usual are Blacks, at 72.2 percent. 

When any people are denied work, opportunity and the ability to make a decent living, they fall to despair, and in this despair we revert to the only power we have: our reproductive system, the ability to procreate.

Deprived of work, a man falls to sex as a pastime and a refuge from embarrassment and failure. The hunt for sex takes the place of the hunt for employment and distracts him from the failure of not attaining money to care for himself or his children.

Women have it even worse, as biologically their bodies make them want to have children as a natural consequence of being female. Add to this, a society that tells them on the one hand that a man should "take care of them" and on the other, that they "can have it all," and you get women who have children out of ignorance and hopelessness because in this time, people rally with sympathy and the government rallies with the money that they (the woman and the father) failed to attain. 

And the women who try to have it all, get passed over by men then feel they have no choice but single motherhood after they fail to find a suitable mate.

And in the balance of these choices, we have millions of children, born into the void of their parents' love and society's indifference. And now they are growing up to be the soulless, hopeless and faithless instruments of our failure, a human harvest of doom.

 Equation 3 
(Greed + Ignorance) ÷ Money = Violence, War and Death.

All American Wars have been about money. We know this to be true and yet we continue to believe that defense, honor or human rights have something to do with them. And yes, the desire for the wealth we kill for is created by our old friends greed and ignorance. 

Take away a man's ability to work, force him into servitude and watch how quickly he joins to violence to alleviate his situation. Back him into a corner and he will certainly kill to get out. 

Our Prison Industrial Complex created the way for violence through lack of economic opportunity, condemned the violence, punished the perpetrators in the justice system and then incarcerated men for profit.

Let's take a moment here, because this is where logic joins together: This equation shows the truth of the first two because: 

The product of Equation 1 gives you the 
false morality to take The sum of Equation 2 
and turn it into slaves for profit using Equation 3.

This same process turns men and women into soldiers who die in the money wars and the men and women who flood our streets as the homeless.

So now what, people? How do we counter such strong measures in our lives. What equation fights these others and can defeat them? This time, I will do a call to arms because this one is personal. Each of us can effect this change with simple effective logic:

Intelligence + Righteousness + Benevolence = Hope.

But the trick of this equation is that it varies with the individual and the Unholy Trinity above constantly fights against it. Still, we all have the healing numbers in our hearts and heads, getting to them is always the problem. 

But don't take my word for it. 

You do the math.

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