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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I don't like Donald Sterling.

It seems he is an evil, greedy, bigot who has made a fortune through savvy and ruthlessness with an amiable assist from the continuing powers of the Old Boys Club. I detest men like him and for a long time they have been the bane of our existence. But one thing is clear:

Donald Sterling must be sacrificed.

Because if he is not, then we will have to face and maybe take action on the comfortable racism we've all allowed to exist.

Let's get Sterling, so white people will not have to accept that the problems of black people are not in our minds, that it's not a coincidence that black men are targeted and black women marginalized and "racheted" in the media giving continuing truth to harmful stereotypes.

Let's get Sterling so blacks will not have to accept our measure of guilt for squandering the proceeds of the Civil Rights Movement, turning away from our children and responsibilities and using the lingering racism of this nation as an excuse for failures that have nothing to do with race.

If Sterling keeps his team, maybe the black NBA players will wake up and see that Sterling was allowed to buy the team for a paltry $15 million and it wasn't the money that was an impediment to black players but the other owners who only wanted white men to own teams.

If we don't get Sterling, white people will realize that Donald Sterling is their father, uncle or their boss at work or the man or woman standing on the other side of their bathroom mirror. You know, the person who think if their vile thoughts are never uttered, then they can harbor them, even act on them as long as there is no proof.

If we don't get Sterling, black folks would see that racist thoughts and words offend but they can be ignored until they are put into action. Maybe we would see that the best guard against racism is to clean up our own house and stop following religious charlatans and start demanding value for our citizenship.

But Sterling won't keep his team because it might start something no on wants: thinking. No, it's better to crucify him, take his team and give it to the black celebrities who covet it and who will make the rest of us feel like there has been some justice served by Oprah getting another feather in her well-feathered cap.

So sorry Don, you lose because the bigger loss comes if you win.

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