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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Lasarius Green Jr.'s controversial website lets out classified information on black people kept secret for decades.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has company in the cyber information debacle of the year. Lasarius Green Jr, noted radical and shirtless man has just launched a new website that blows the lid off the secret life of African Americans.

Niggileaks is a site wherein Green has listed classified information about black culture and forced black people all over the country to come clean about their shit. "It's time for honesty," said Green from an undisclosed location in Detroit. "Black folk have been in denial for far too long."

Among the many secrets listed is that black people are pissed off at Obama. Niggileaks says that over 43% of black people feel the President went to Washington and joined the club of self-interest and narrow-minded money fueled governing. "The man ran on hope and change," said one man. "I never thought I be hoping his ass would change back to what he was."

Also, it seems black people are sick of the Kardashian sisters having sex with black men. "Them hos ain't black," said one poster. "I don't care how fat their asses are."

Along the same lines it seems black women hate black athletes who sign sports contracts, then start dating white women. Said one irate woman: "They get a signing bonus then a signing Becky."
But the one of the biggest Niggileaks was when Green said that Black leaders and the black church have failed African Americans. "The post goes as follows:
In the 2000's it is clear that the religious-based leadership of mid-20th century black America has failed to live up to the very ideals it literally once preached. The black church has become a Mecca for excess, ignorance, waste and hypocrisy. Bishop Eddie Long is the tip of a very big iceberg-- shaped like a penis."
Black leaders have been out to get Green since the comment surfaced and was emailed around the nation. Reverend Creflo Dollar pastor of a mega church denounced Niggileaks and Lasarius Green for the comments. Green responded by saying. "You can't take that nigga seriously. Come on B, the man's name is Dollar."

Among the other Niggilekas:

1. The Black family is dying because of a lapse of faith.

2. Black women are facing loneliness because of their refusal to embrace traditional notions of femininity.

3. Black men are falling prey to societal traps because of their refusal to embrace traditional notions of decency.

4. Black people have deposited capital into a political philosophy that has yielded little return on their investment.

5. The new Black music is profane, idiotic and a shadow of a once great American artistry.

6. Many of the most successful and intelligent black business people are homosexual.

7. Michael Vick's comeback feels like redemption-- and revenge.

8. Black people justify almost any kind of behavior if it results in financial gain.

9. As money gets tight, Black women are forced to go back to their own hair.

10. As America focuses on immigrant "minorities" and their growing power, black people feel discarded and wonder if they even have a stake in their own country, even as a Black man sits in the oval office.

Charges are being brought against Green by a consortium of black interests. They allege that his site is damaging to an already wounded people.
"That's funny," said Green. "I would say the same thing about them muthafuckas."

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