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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Savior Is Fed Up With Prosperity Ministry, Hypocrites And Preachers Named After Money.

LAS VEGAS - The world was shocked today when Jesus, revealed Himself and stated that He was angry about the current state of religion in His name. The Savior indicates that if something doesn't change soon, He may have to "exert himself in this realm." No one knows what that means but everyone is afraid of what it can mean. Jesus was apparently feeling very "old testament."

Jesus was seen in Las Vegas and said he came there to make a point then noted that it is no longer Sin City.

The Son was asked to leave several casinos because every time He entered, everybody won at every game they were playing. The Wynn was hit for $27 million in less than an hour and had to close its doors.

Jesus then took to the street and addressed thousands of excited people as he spoke against the idea of prosperity religion.

Prosperity ministry is a form of Christianity that teaches people that they will be rewarded on Earth for godly acts and faith. Before this teaching, Christians were told that their reward was in the next life.

In the last few decades there was been an erosion of the church marked by sexual scandal, financial thievery and all manner of sin. At the same time, church attendance is down and in the black community, black men have literally disappeared from the houses of worship.

Jesus, no stranger to controversy, spoke on this subject and had this to say:

"There is nothing in this life worthy of your faith except The Father. Any force of the human spirit given to any earthly thing is misplaced and any love focused in the first instance away from God is a rebuke of His First Law."

Divinity experts say that this quote means that Jesus considers any faith placed on anything in this life a violation of the First Commandment "Thou shall have no Gods before me."

"We are reminded that money was not cited as the root of all evil but the love of money," said Dr. Rev. Arthur Young, a scholar and pastor of First Cathedral Church in Nevada. "God wants your love first and I don't think he's willing to compromise. We are so glad Jesus is back and my flock will heed his words."

Jesus spoke for over two hours about love, life and the concept of eternity. He took a few digressions to say that he was not fond of politicians who use His name in vain, reality shows and people who put self-serving Bible quotes on their Facebook pages.

But not everyone is in agreement. Rev. Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen, noted prosperity ministers say they doubt this man is really Jesus. "We are trying to help people by letting them see that God can make their lives better," said Osteen from his $8 million dollar church. "Is it wrong to have a church that asks for money every week and tells people that God will give them that money back ten fold? I don't think so. I think it's good and I think God loves money, too."

"If this man is really Jesus," said Dollar from his G3 jet, "then why don't he come to my church? God wouldn't have created money if it wasn't good, right? I mean is a man not godly because he wears a $3,000 suit, has lots of jewelry, two Rolls Royces, a Jet and two mansions...." Dollar started rambling and then his wife pulled him away saying he was late for a sermon.

Jesus did not respond to either man but reminded us that when He was betrayed, Judas was not given power or even jewels, he was given man-made money. Then He made one last statement:

"You cannot see God with a doubtful heart nor hear Him with a doubtful spirit. The tragedy of the faithless is that God will always love them but they will never know His Grace."

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