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Monday, October 17, 2011


Herman Cain hit upon something that so many Republicans and Democrats are afraid to say because saying it leads to a bigger truth.

"Black people have been brainwashed!" said Herman Cain. It was a provocative statement, but he did not go far enough. We are all brainwashed. Our country is not in the hands of the people or our elected representatives anymore. We all know it but refuse to stand against the banks and corporations and choose instead to hate each other. How's that working out by the way?

But specifically, as to Black America, Cain is absolutely correct. We have followed Democrats down the rabbit hole of freedom but have little to show for it. We believe Republicans block our progression but when Democrats do things that hurt us, we either deny it happened or we blame others.
Get the anti-detergent, I am here to un-wash your brain with a little story about your country.

ONCE UPON A TIME, Black America loved Republicans. This was the party of Lincoln, the party who went to war with their brothers and died to end slavery. No matter what the revisioninsts say, the Civil War was about the sin of slavery and no matter what Democrats say, their party wanted to keep us in bondage.

Then after the war, America thrived and the Republicans, now in power thanks in part to black votes, aligned with wealthy industrialists, banks and companies. They took the dark people for granted, allowing Jim Crow, lynching, discrimination and a further disintegration of America's good heart. The Democrats fell to ruin.

The Black people got tired of this treatment, especially when the country went into a Great Depression. So, we realigned ourselves with the Democrats, the guys who loved slavery and everything about it and fought to the death to keep it. Talk about the lesser of two evils.

After this, the Democrats got behind the dark people, but only to the extent it took to use their millions of votes to keep power. Democrat FDR served 4 terms using black votes, died in office and the Republicans were so afraid that we amended the Constitution to stop a President from becoming a king.

Since then, Blacks have voted overwhelmingly Democratic. Politics have cast Republicans as the devil, the people who hate Black America and Democrats have been cast as the lovers of Blacks, the people who just want everything to be fair and to make up for the sins of the past.
Both notions are completely false.

The Republicans are trying to reset American values back to the days when we put God first and believed that our nation was favored because our Constitution contained basic Christian values at its core. Unfortunately, the reset also carries with it the implicit desire by many to place Blacks and others in eternal second-class citizenship and maintain a corporate power structure that reinforces this notion. Sorry conservatives, but you know this is true you just don't think it will apply to you. You are wrong.

The Republicans tell you you can do it without the government's help but then they stack the deck against you so you will fail by providing no protection against the evil hearts of men which they claim to abhor but which their policies covertly support.

The Democrats are trying to move America forward, to accept the changing culture and economy and fit it to the cause of Americanism. Unfortunately, their progressivism is an ideological dodge. The Democrats, like the Republicans are the tools of corporate America and the big banks and their paternalistic and condescending attitude toward Blacks have kept us in cycles of poverty, incarceration and stagnation.

The Democrats give you a Black President and then refuse to support him. Then when he fails you, they ask you to hate Republicans because you know, they are evil.

The Democrats tell you that you need them to get to freedom and they will protect you from the evil men but then they secretly stack the deck against you so you will fail and then they blame it on their enemies and nothing changes.

Black people hold a strong belief that history shows you the truth. America's historical treatment of Blacks says it all. If we believe this, then the history of the two parties gives us reason to doubt them or to consider them equally. If this logic fails you, then I submit that you are indeed brainwashed.

America is not perfect. Our Founders wanted us to keep working on it, to create "A more perfect Union." And we are doing it-- slowly. But we must not be fooled by divisive politics which divorce us from the truth: that our inherent power as citizens is the heart and soul of this nation.

So, toss your brain into the machine. Bypass "white" and "colors' and set it on "tough stains."

America will be great again, when we are.

copyright 2011