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Monday, October 17, 2011


If America Backs Your Currency, Then What Backs Your Nation?

We talk about money every day. We need it and we use it but we never stop to think about what it is. Money has been assigned positive and essential value in our minds but we never stop the think about what it truly is. "Money is money," people will say, a reflexive and circular way of looking at it.

A dollar is just paper and cotton fibers. By itself it is pretty worthless. But it represents something else, something that is said to have value. So, money is not value but a representation of it.

Once upon a time, a dollar represented a dollar's worth of gold or silver. This was the Gold Standard. Literally, you could go into a bank a redeem a dollar for a dollar's worth of gold.

For 167 years, the U.S. lived and prospered without a Central Bank. Then in 1913, Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, made a deal with the devil, and agreed to one. Since then, we have had depressions, recessions, bubbles and economic chaos.

The Federal Reserve System is not a federal agency, nor is it a completely private bank. It is a banking cartel whose rules are enforced by partnership with your government but not for your benefit. The government protects the banks in the cartel.

Is it a coincidence that the IRS and the Fed were voted in together? After these laws, the government had to ask the Fed for money and the Fed would print it. And it used the new Income Tax to collect funds for deposits. This changed Wall Street, allowing it to create a business of currency manipulation and trading in financial commodities.

The Bank held sway over everything and hammered anyone who got in their way. Then in the 1960's, we had a cultural revolution like none other in modern history. And among the many things the new generation questioned was the viability of the Fed and the purpose of Wall Street. These new radicals elected a young President who shared their concernes.

Executive Order 11110 was issued by this new President, John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963. It allowed the U.S. Treasury to print its own money for the first time in half a century. This new currency, was backed by silver and called Silver Certificates.

Five short months later, on November 4, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. Lyndon Johnson rescinded Executive Order 11110 on the flight from Texas to D.C. after he was sworn in. Kennedy's body was even cold yet. 

Later, Richard Nixon, a favorite of the banking cartel, was elected in 1968 and took us off the Gold standard, in 1971 making the dollar a fiat currency.

Fiat money is a currency that has value only because of government regulation or law. The term derives from the Latin fiat, meaning "let it be done", as such money is established by government decree. "Fiat" in the modern sense really means "fuck it."

So in essence, our money is backed by no tangible thing with inherent value. It is the value of our goverment that props up our money.

But what props up our government? Well, it used to be family, faith, intelligence and a patriotism based on the aforementioned qualities. Now we have familes in crisis, self-centered religion, a celebration of ignorance and we've turned "I love America" into a suspect statement.

Money is only as good as its country.

A country is only as good as its people.

People are only as good as their values.

We now live in a Fiat Nation, a country whose foundation is the weakened values of a citizenry represented by a leaders who've been bought by the banks. And this is so because we haven't stopped hating each other long enough to demand better.

But there is hope and it comes in the form of old style protest. The media, the government and liberals blasted the Tea Party. The media, the government and conservatives now blast Occupy Wall Street. Both movements are a manifestation of the people to give substance to a fiat America. Our protest, our anger and yes our patriotism are the value that back the currency of our nation.

We are the Gold.

Let's reclaim the Standard.

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