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Friday, May 28, 2010



It's that time of year again when we contemplate all things scary. I know, nothing is scarier than politics but I want to talk about our society, culture and what frightens us as human beings.

When I was a kid, we were scared of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster and the Wolfman. Now in the movies, people have sex with vampires and werewolves and The Mummy is in an action comedy.

Why don’t monsters scare us anymore?

People need to be afraid. It’s basic human psychology. We face our fears, then defeat them. Good versus Evil.

But look at what scares us now: Jason, Freddie, Michael Meyers—all human. Saw, Hostel, Paranormal Activity, Zombies—all human. And those people dressing as creepy clowns all over the U.S. are just deeply disturbed men.

I guess the scariest thing in human life now are other humans.

I have a theory about this. See, old school monsters were really about God. You remember him, The Almighty, Heavenly Father and what not. Well, all of the old scary stuff was about God and those who dared oppose Him.

Dracula was a man who renounced God and was cursed. The Wolfman was cursed as well and The Mummy defied death only to return to life, you guessed it, cursed. Frankenstein’s monster was an abomination as a man tried to emulate God. And what hurt them? Crucifixes, Holy Water, silver (purity) and fire (holy purification). In the end, good triumphed, always.

Now, we are afraid of our next door neighbor, Wall Street Bankers and idiots on Youtube who rant about getting rid of society's dead weight. And Kim Kardashian tied up and being robbed is this years best seller Halloween mask.

Does this mean that we’ve lost faith, people?

Before you poo-poo me, let me dazzle you with more nerdy horror facts. Dracula moved to London for love of his lost wife, Frankenstein’s monster only wanted a mate, (hence the sequel, Bride Of Frankenstein) The Wolfman killed impulsively but could not kill the woman he loved and yes, The Mummy came to life for his queen. The evil monsters sought to be God-like by possessing God’s greatest capacity. In the end, this led them to their demise.

Today’s monster lives down the street, hacks up bad actresses in the shower then comes back for the bad sequel.

So here's the deep part: in the past, our fear was losing our soul, now it's losing our life. If we treasure earthly life more than our immortal soul, then truly we have lost our faith in whatever God we believe in.

I guess what's really scary is this blog, huh?

I still believe that good beats evil in life and death. Keep your mindless slasher. Give me an old-fashioned vampire—with his clothes on.

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